If you’re young or have never been in an accident before, a slip-and-fall accident may seem inconsequential. This, however, is not always the case. Slip and fall accidents can be financially and physically devastating, no matter what age you are. If you’ve recently been in a slip-and-fall accident, you need to take your losses seriously.

The good news is that you can have a conversation about a slip-and-fall accident with a personal injury attorney. Setareh Law can discuss the nature of the negligence that may have resulted in your accident and the losses you endured. Our Spanish-speaking team can also work to help you discover new ways to facilitate a faster recovery.

Your Right to a Slip and Fall Accident Case Doesn’t Last Forever

One of the first and best reasons to take slip and fall accidents seriously is the deadline on which you need to respond to them. Slip and fall accidents fall under the personal injury category of civil claims in the state of California. As such, they must abide by the deadline set by the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1.

This means that victims of slip and fall accidents, regardless of the severity of their accident, must bring complaints forward within two years or fewer. In general, civil courts use this deadline to keep the cases that come before their judges up-to-date. However, victims of slip and fall accidents who may be contending with serious injuries could find this deadline difficult to uphold.

If you don’t take your slip and fall accident seriously, this deadline might pass you by without you realizing it. Unfortunately, failure to submit a slip and fall accident complaint within this deadline may see you lose the opportunity to pursue damages for your losses through a civil court.

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Have a Long-Term Impact on Your Health

No matter what your age is, slip and fall accidents can also have a devastating impact on your long-term health. Not only can these impacts make it more difficult for you to hold a job or meet your daily needs, but they can also be expensive to contend with.

If you don’t take a slip-and-fall accident seriously, you risk letting health concerns spiral out of control until they are untenably expensive to address. Should you have the opportunity to act on your losses before these conditions develop, you can stem the decay that might negatively impact your future opportunities.

What’s more, taking a slip and fall accident seriously allows you to demand compensation for both the treatment you need to immediately cover from an accident and any treatments you may need in the future. You can discuss how you can address these yet-to-be-identified treatments with a personal injury attorney in California.

You Can Protect Other People From a Liable Party’s Negligence

Finally, taking a slip-and-fall accident seriously allows you to protect other people who may fall victim to an accident similar to yours. If you are able to call out someone’s negligence and prevent that from occurring again, you can protect others from the expenses associated with your accident.

That said, taking up a civil claim against another party does not allow you to enact criminal consequences upon that party. However, provided that your case makes it to civil court, you set a precedent for how California courts can react to cases similar to yours. Future prosecutors can then reference your case when defending another victim’s right to compensation.

Setareh Law Can Discuss Your Slip and Fall Case Today

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how good of health you are in. Slip and fall accidents can be devastating to your personal well-being. If you get into a slip-and-fall accident, you can work with the personal injury attorneys at Setareh Law to address the negligence that may have led to your losses. In turn, you could secure the financial support you need to recover from your accident.

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