As technology continues to cultivate and expand our ways of living, new advancements in motor vehicles have stressed the importance of safety features and how they might limit car accidents. In most areas of the United States, cars allow people to access work, complete errands, and continue with their normal daily activities. Public transportation may be more practical in some areas, but not every city and town has an accessible public transportation system. 

When purchasing a car, many find that the most important features to consider are the vehicle’s safety features. While there are many groundbreaking vehicles that continue to pave the way for the future of automobiles, some lack the necessary protective properties that others have. 

5 Most Dangerous Car Brands in the United States

Looking into purchasing a car for either a loved one or yourself takes time and resources. People want to make sure that when making a decision as important as this one, they’re aware of all the characteristics of these motor vehicles. If you’re looking at new or preowned cars, consider the following accident-prone cars:

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta for model years 2014-2016 is one of the most dangerous vehicle models on the road and has extremely high observed driver fatalities compared to other cars. Crash tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report that there’s a high likelihood of sustaining serious injuries to the head and left lower leg when in dangerous accidents.

Hyundai Accent 

When a crash test was performed on the 2012-2017 Hyundai Accent sedans, there was a lack of protection from the airbag and serious injuries were sustained on the driver’s hip, thigh, legs, and feet. Passengers may also experience injuries on the torso and legs if involved in an accident.

Chevrolet Sonic

While the 2012 Superbowl advertisement had everyone believing the Chevrolet Sonic could handle falling out of the sky, the car has serious flaws and dangers on the road. The cage structure has concerning flaws and there are overlapping dangers to the driver’s side. 

Nissan Versa Note

The 2016-2019 models of the Versa station wagon have a surprisingly high fatality rate. While the IIHS highly rates this vehicle, the amount of fatalities and injuries tied with this car tells a different story. With 96 deaths per million registrations, the numbers are high enough to have many individuals express concern for their safety. 

Fiat 500

This Italian car first appeared in the United States in 2012 with modifications to the previous models that improved protection in frontal crashes. However, the overall safety report remains poor. The IIHS notes that the hinges on the door can tear apart and open—ejecting the driver during a crash. 

There are always risks when driving a motor vehicle, but the occupants of compact or smaller cars are often more susceptible to more serious injuries in the event of a car accident. It’s essential to properly research the safety ratings and features of each car you’re interested in before solidifying your decision. 

What Should You Do after a Dangerous Accident?

We want to believe that the vehicles we drive are safe and will protect us during an accident. However, if you are involved in a car accident, here are some tips to help navigate the aftermath:

  • If injured, seek medical attention and call 911 immediately 
  • Get the other driver’s information
  • Take pictures and videos of the damage and scene 
  • Call a car accident attorney to discuss your claim 

The reckless actions of others can put your loved ones and yourself at risk. For those injured during these events, contact an experienced car accident lawyer that can guide you through the legal processes that come with filing a claim. You might be entitled to compensation for medical fees, lost wages, and other financial losses. 

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