You pay for car insurance for a reason. Ideally, your insurance provider will provide you with support in the wake of a car accident. You can use the support to contend with your immediate expenses while exploring your other roads to recovery.

Unfortunately, insurance providers are primarily corporations, and most prioritize their bottom line over your recovery. As such, an insurance provider may deny your right to compensation even in cases where your claim should seem straightforward. If you find yourself contending with these complexities, personal injury attorneys can help you better communicate with a provider. You can work with Setareh Law and our team of Spanish-speaking lawyers to communicate with your insurance provider and get the support you deserve.

Should You Share Your Insurance Information?

In the wake of a car accident, the first thing you need to do is exchange insurance information with the party you believe to be liable for your losses. You do not have to say that you intend to hold the other party responsible for the cost of your recovery.

Instead, exchange phone numbers and insurance information and bring this information to your legal representation. This process makes it easier for you to address the nature of your losses and stay in communication with the party that may be charged for the cost of your recovery.

Let Your Provider Know About an Accident

Most insurance providers require you to tell them about an accident that you’ve been in within 24 hours of that accident occurring. If this is the case for you and your provider, make sure you contact an appropriate representative within this deadline.

If you don’t know whether or not you need to contact an insurance provider within a tight deadline, get in touch with a personal injury attorney first. Personal injury attorneys can assess the nature of your accident, determine what role an insurance provider needs to play in your recovery, and help you connect with a provider as needed.

Communicate With an Insurance Adjuster

Once you’ve established contact with an insurance provider or secured the support of a personal injury attorney, go about the process of filing an insurance claim. When you have an insurance adjuster assess the nature of your losses, you can better understand what financial value a later civil case may have.

Moreover, you can determine to what degree an insurance provider may offer you support in the wake of your losses. Unfortunately, many insurance providers will prioritize their bottom lines over your right to recover from a car accident. This is even the case in instances where you have consistently paid for protection from accidents like the one you endured.

Challenge a Wrongly-Denied Car Accident Claim

If an insurance provider wrongly denies the claim you submit after a car accident, don’t panic. You have options available to you. If you’ve already established contact with a personal injury attorney, our team can contact your insurance provider and discuss why it is that your claim was denied.

At the same time, we can prepare to level a civil case against the party you believe to be liable for your car accident. A civil case can provide you with the compensation you need to recover from your accident without your insurance provider’s interference.

Should the need arise, we can even issue a case against your insurance provider for refusing to provide you with the coverage that you have already paid for. You can discuss the nature of a case leveled against an insurance provider during a case consultation with our team.

Setareh Law Can Stand Up to Your Insurance Provider After a Car Accident

Insurance providers can be as cagey as liable parties in the wake of a car accident. If you’re struggling to communicate with your insurance provider or have had a claim denied, contact our personal injury attorneys at Setareh Law. Our firm can advocate for the financial support that you may be owed in the wake of a devastating car accident.

Don’t let an insurance provider shirk responsibility they owe you after a car accident. Call us at (310) 659-1826 or use our online contact form to schedule your case consultation today.