In California, more than 150,000 car accidents result in injuries. Following any type of car accident — including ridesharing accidents or truck accidents — there are numerous details to take care of including doctor visits, rehabilitation, and, of course, medical bills. When you’re injured, all the medical bills showing up in your mailbox can feel like a crushing weight that you don’t know how to carry.

If you’re wondering who is responsible for all your medical bills following a car accident, we’re here to help you determine the answer that’s appropriate to your case.

Is My Car Insurance Responsible for My Medical Bills?

The first resource many people turn to when they have medical bills piling up after a car accident is their insurance company. For people with full coverage auto insurance including medical payments, this is the appropriate place to start. Unfortunately, if a person does not carry medical payments coverage as a part of their car insurance policy, the insurance company is only responsible for the injuries sustained by other passengers in the vehicle. To determine whether you have the appropriate coverage to pay for your personal medical bills, it’s important to discuss your policy with your insurance agent.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for My Medical Bills?

The second place people turn for medical payment coverage is their personal health insurance company. In any case, your insurance company is the appropriate resource to use to cover medical bills right away. Due to the Affordable Care Act, there’s no limit on personal health insurance policy payouts. If you do not carry personal health insurance, the state of California requires hospitals and medical providers to give you a realistic repayment play or reduce the amount due.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against The Other Party for The Cost of My Medical Bills?

In California, the law defines that the party responsible for the accident is liable for all the costs associated with the accident – including medical bills. The first step you should take to get the other party to pay for the damages is to file a claim with their insurance company. It’s highly likely, however, that the insurance company will avoid paying you the claim and get you to settle for less than you deserve.

If the auto insurance coverage for the other party is not enough to cover the full cost of your medical bills, it’s appropriate to file a lawsuit. Furthermore, if the other party was not carrying auto insurance at the time of the accident, it’s necessary to file a personal lawsuit against them. A trusted attorney can guide you in the process of filing a lawsuit and will help you secure the compensation you deserve for all medical bills.

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