As the weather starts to warm up and children are out of school, we’re ready to spend time by the pool and go on long-awaited vacations. For many people, summer is the best time of year to enjoy the extra daylight, but unfortunately, not all things improve during the summer. 

A 2020 study conducted by Current Biology stated that when temperatures rise there is a 6% increase in the risk for fatal traffic accident in the United States. Throughout California and nationwide, there is an annual increase in car accidents during the summer months. 

Common Causes of California Car Accidents in the Summer

Summer is usually a time when people make plans to relax and unwind, but drivers should never let their guard down. We’ve compiled a list of the four most common reasons there may be more accidents during the summer months. 

Changing Weather

When temperatures rise, vehicles have to work overtime, and there are a lot more performance issues. From blasting air conditioners to replacing batteries, each mechanism is running on max throughout the summer. Preparing your car parts for the hot days is a priority; below are a few examples of common parts that are most likely to cause problems:

  • Broken Drive Belt
  • Bursting Tires
  • Weak Battery 
  • Engine Overheating Problems

In addition to the effect the changing temperatures can have on the mechanics of your vehicle, summer storms and sun glare can lead to challenging driving conditions that can increase the risk of car accidents. 

Students on Summer Break

Between May and July, most students are now enjoying the summer break. This break from school means free range for teenagers to spend time with friends and embark on new journeys—putting those who are old enough to drive on the road. Unfortunately, with less experience dealing with situations like traffic and reckless drivers, they’re more susceptible to accidents and can put themselves and others at risk. 

Summer Vacation

California has many tourist attractions. With gorgeous beaches and thousands of places to explore, how can we blame anyone for wanting to visit? As a result, the roads become packed with people who may be unfamiliar with their surroundings. Often, tourists need guidance when traveling and rely on GPS devices to navigate the local roads. They may be distracted by passengers and the sights. All of these can make tourists more prone to causing accidents. 

Construction Is on the Rise

Construction workers are trying to get their jobs done before the rainy working conditions of the winter months. When summer comes, lanes will close to make room for construction and will often cause traffic congestion. People have places to be and often get frustrated and antsy when stuck in long periods of traffic, which is why the summer months can bring more car accidents.  

Trust Our California Car Accident Attorneys With Your Claim

If you’re injured in a vehicle accident during your summer break, you shouldn’t have to navigate the claims process while you are healing and attempting to restructure your plans. Car accidents are often stressful situations that may result in minor to severe injuries. In some cases, you might not even know you have been injured until you’re fully evaluated by a doctor.

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