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Truck Accident

The Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney

Auto accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks often have devastating results. With their large size and freight loads, even a relatively ‘minor’ accident can leave victims injured or lead to wrongful death.

Involvement in a semi-truck accident can be catastrophic to the people in the passenger vehicle. The size and weight of the truck itself are enough to cause significant injuries to the people in the smaller vehicle. Sadly, many of these accidents often involve at least one death in the passenger vehicle.

Truck accident lawsuits present a unique set of considerations including complications with the truck carrier/company, insurance companies, and attorneys representing the truck company. There are many differences between car and truck accidents.

Avoiding Accidents With Semi Trucks

With nearly 11 million semi-trucks registered to operate in the United States, it is also very important for the driver of passenger vehicles to remember how to safely share the road with these trucks.

  • Never tailgate a truck. It is an urban legend that riding close to a truck will reduce the amount of gas that you use in your car. Tailgating is very dangerous and can lead to a catastrophic accident if the truck stops abruptly. This type of event usually leads to a car going under the back of the truck.
  • Look for their side mirror. If you can see the person driving the truck in the reflection of their side view mirror, they can also see you. Drivers need to be able to see your car behind them to remain safe.
  • Trucks make wide right turns. Always avoid going up next to a truck on the right-hand side when they are turning.
  • Avoid quick stops in front of a large truck. The truck needs more stopping room than a regular passenger vehicle because of the size and weight of their vehicle. Quick stops can result in a truck jackknifing.

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When you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you need someone who is well versed in the letter of the law in these cases. You need an experienced attorney on your side.

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