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SETAREH LAW, APLC, is a firm dedicated to protecting the rights of others. The clients of Setareh Law are always a priority. It is firmly believed that trust is the first step in every attorney-client relationship. Although medical care is the first priority for those who have been harmed by someone else’s negligence, the clients of the firm can feel at ease knowing that they can work closely with an experienced personal injury lawyer and place their full trust in a firm that is dedicated to fighting on their behalf. If you, a family member or a friend has suffered a personal injury as a result of an accident, negligence, a defective drug, contact Setareh Law for a free case evaluation form.

What We Stand For

Justice has different meanings to different people. But to Setareh Law, APLC, justice means an unbridled dedication and deep passion for causes that affect the health and safety of those who have suffered injuries caused by the neglect of others.

Justice means always being at the cutting edge of complex legal issues, expending tireless energy in the battles fought to right a wrong, oftentimes against great odds, but always with the unrelenting vigor and intractable drive to fight for those who have been harmed physically, emotionally, and financially, and whose life is shattered through the carelessness and indifference of another.

Justice means the amassing of every ounce of energy to address an act of irresponsibility that leaves a family member to suffer the pain of a serious injury with all of its disastrous and financial consequences of mounting medical bills, lost earnings, and continuous out-of-pocket expenses, all of which leaving the household in a state of panic, depression, and despair.

Justice means a powerful and humane response to a cry for help to correct the agonizing harm inflicted by one’s negligence and indifference upon an innocent victim.

Justice means the need for a personal injury law firm whose sole mission and very existence is to fight for the stricken victim in order to maximize a disposition elevating it to its most successful limit.

Justice means the call to action of a personal injury law firm with a driving passion, deep dedication and firm commitment in confronting personal injury issues be they rooted in negligence, automobile accidents, drug litigation, or even slip and fall cases that by themselves, can cause devastating injuries.


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Those are but some of the tragic areas of serious injury that motivate Setareh Law in our constant pursuit of that one goal – justice. And that’s why so many clients in the past and those of the present have placed their fullest confidence and unabiding trust in our firm. They know, and have experienced firsthand, that we will always fight for them – our clients – who have a right to demand, and expect our uncompromising effort in order to achieve their goal – justice! And that is what Setareh Law stands for.
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