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An accident can happen just about anywhere. Most of these unfortunate incidents occur as a result of negligence, and the carelessness of others can have serious consequences. Regardless of where you are in Beverly Hills, California, there is always a chance that you are at risk for an accident of some kind, which could occur at your place of employment, at a store or a restaurant, in an apartment building, or on someone else’s private property. Sustaining an injury because of another person’s carelessness creates serious challenges for those hoping to balance recovery with seeking justice for their damages, but they should never have to fight that battle alone. 

Taking on a premises liability case can be difficult. If you have been injured in Beverly Hills, California, due to negligence, carelessness, or poor maintenance, you need a skilled premises liability lawyer on your side who can help you get the financial compensation that you both need and deserve. 

Premises Liability in Beverly Hills, CA

Premises liability laws in California dictate that occupants and property owners have a “duty of care” when it comes to maintaining their premises. This means that they must keep them in a reasonably safe condition at all times. If any location is deemed unsafe for any reason, it is the responsibility of the owner or occupant to notify guests or visitors, which is often done using high-visibility signage. 

Ultimately, the goal of premises liability laws in Beverly Hills is to keep citizens safe from potential harm that may occur as a result of careless maintenance while on another’s private property. Although there are a variety of ways that someone can get hurt accidentally, regardless of where they are, cases where an individual is injured on someone else’s property often lead to premises liability claims. 

Accidents can vary from dog bites to slipping on a pile of unswept leaves. In these cases, the injured victim receives compensation for the injury they sustained, but many cases can also be subject to punitive damage if malice is involved. An experienced lawyer with a background in premises liability can tell you that those who have been hurt due to the careless behavior of another person deserve to be compensated for their injuries. 

Compensation for Beverly Hills Premises Liability Cases

Being in an accident can take a lot out of you. It can be emotionally draining, physically painful, and time-consuming, especially when it comes to filing insurance paperwork, making phone calls, and gathering evidence for a premises liability case. Mostly, individuals that were involved or injured in a premises liability accident need to know how to receive necessary compensation for what they experienced. Recovery can mean facing large medical bills that many individuals cannot afford without financial compensation from the negligent party. In premises liability claims, victims can receive compensation for:

  • Mental distress, pain, suffering, or trauma
  • Medical expenses like bills, therapy, and medication
  • Lost wages from not being able to work as a result of injuries 
  • Punitive damages, in cases of extreme negligence 

Frequently, victims of premises liability accidents can face legal challenges when attempting to receive the full amount of compensation they need from their insurance companies. Luckily, an experienced premises liability lawyer can work directly with you to obtain the amount of compensation that you deserve. 

Frequent Causes of Premises Liability Accidents in California

If you live in Beverly Hills, California, you’re aware of all the advantages that the city has to offer. With quick access to designer shopping, world-class dining, and other incredible local hotspots, it’s easy for a day of fun in the sun to become a day spent stressing in the ER. Over the last few years, premises liability claims have increased, often due to accidents and injuries related to:

  • Flooding
  • Fires (including wildfires)
  • Broken staircases
  • Unfinished porches
  • Hazardous walkways
  • Swimming pool hazards
  • Lead paint poison
  • Presence of asbestos
  • High mercury levels
  • Non-functioning elevators
  • Unmaintained playground equipment

Cases of property negligence and poor maintenance should always be treated seriously. Something like slipping in a puddle of water or tripping over a crack in a sidewalk, which may not seem serious at the time, can result in a variety of life-changing injuries. 

Common Premises Liability Injuries in Beverly Hills, CA

Much like any accident, injuries that happen on someone else’s premises or in a public location can end up being highly damaging for the victims, resulting in long-term consequences. In the city of Beverly Hills, there are a variety of ways in which an individual can be hurt if they are visiting a property that has not been correctly maintained, such as:

  • Muscular damage
  • Torn ligaments
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Sprained tendons
  • Slipped disc
  • Neck, or back injuries
  • Damage to the spine
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Drowning or being burnt
  • Head or brain injuries
  • Skull fractures 
  • Concussion
  • Shock or electrocution
  • Contracting a foodborne illness 

There are many more ways in which a premises liability accident can occur, and if you have experienced any of them or are close with someone who has, the best way to obtain financial compensation for harm or injuries is to contact a trusted liability lawyer who can help you get the financial award that you need. 

Are Slip-and-Falls Considered Premises Liability Accidents in California?

Throughout most of California, one of the most common premises liability accidents is the slip-and-fall. Of course, even though a painful or damaging fall can happen to you anywhere, not every slip-and-fall accident results in someone else being held responsible for the incident. 

If there is a heavy storm and it is raining on a public sidewalk, someone who slips on a slick bit of cement may not necessarily be able to trace it back to a singular guilty party. Luckily, there are experienced and educated lawyers who can help you determine whether or not your slip-and-fall case is a viable one. For a legal professional to access the accident, you should provide the following important articles: 

  • Photographs of the scene 
  • Video documentation
  • Damaged clothing from the accident 
  • Recorded evidence of any physical injuries

It is vital to clarify that a slip-and-fall accident may become a premises liability case if the location where the accident occurred has had repeated instances of cases just like yours. Premises liability lawyers will have the resources to research past incidents and potentially use them as evidence to strengthen your case.

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