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  • Liability Scope: Multiple parties can be liable in electric scooter accidents, including drivers, pedestrians, manufacturers, and government entities. Identifying all liable parties is crucial for a comprehensive claim.
  • Comparative Negligence: California uses a pure comparative negligence system where each party’s fault percentage directly affects compensation eligibility, allowing recovery even if predominantly at fault.
  • Proving Fault: Establishing fault in electric scooter accidents involves demonstrating duty of care, breach of duty of care (negligence), causation, and monetary damages directly related to the incident.
  • Legal Support: Engaging with a lawyer, like one from Setareh Law, is an excellent way to navigate complex legal processes, reduce fault percentages, and maximize compensation through strategic legal advocacy.

Who is Liable for an Electric Scooter Accident?

Many individuals might be liable for your injuries and losses depending on the circumstances surrounding your electric scooter accident. The following individuals may be connected to the incident and held accountable:

  • Vehicle drivers
  • Another scooter rider
  • Passengers or pedestrians
  • Parts or vehicle manufacturers
  • Owner or renter of the premises
  • Employer or employee of the property
  • City or state government entities

In some cases, more than one party might be responsible for your damages, and each can be held accountable. We encourage you to speak with a Beverly Hills electric scooter accident attorney, such as one from Setareh Law, to support you during your claim. We can help you determine who is liable for your losses and hold them accountable, making it easier for you to receive complete compensation.

How is Liability Determined in a California Electric Scooter Accident Claim?

In California, the court uses pure comparative negligence. In this method, court personnel generally assess the circumstances and determine the level of responsibility each involved party had during the incident. From here, each party is assigned a percentage for fault. This percentage determines how much compensation someone can receive. 

For example, suppose Party A is riding an electric scooter owned by Party B. If Party A gets hurt due to a scooter malfunction that was not adequately communicated, Party B might be considered 100% responsible for the incident. If Party A faced $100,000 in damages, Party B would be responsible for paying 100% of the losses encountered.

However, if a scooter malfunction occurred and Party A ignored safety recommendations, both parties might be found partially responsible. If Party B is 60% liable and Party A is 40% responsible for the accident, Party A’s compensation would be reduced accordingly. Because Party A is 40% responsible, 40% of the monetary value would be subtracted from their losses. Party B would owe Party A $60,000.

How Do You Prove Fault in an Electric Scooter Accident Case?

You must prove another party’s responsibility to receive compensation for losses after an electric scooter accident or any other incident resulting in serious injuries. To establish liability in your case, you must prove the following elements:

Duty of Care

Duty of care is someone’s responsibility for the safety of others. For example, everyone navigating the outside world is responsible for following laws and best practices for safety. For example, cars owe pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders the right of way. 


Negligence, or a breach of duty of care, occurs when a person does not follow best safety practices and procedures, potentially increasing the risk of harm to others. If a scooter manufacturer chooses to send out faulty scooters, even after testing, they increase the risk of passengers getting seriously hurt. Car drivers also increase these hazards when they ignore speed limits or other posted traffic laws.


You must demonstrate that another party’s negligence directly caused your injuries. Just because someone was negligent does not immediately mean others will get hurt, and a person getting injured does not necessarily mean another individual was negligent. You must demonstrate that negligence from another involved party impacted your bodily harm.

Typically, including in electric scooter accidents, you can demonstrate causation by seeking medical attention quickly after the incident. You can also easily demonstrate causation by showing court personnel your medical documents, such as bills, treatment plans, doctor’s notes, and other relevant information. 

Monetary Damage

You must demonstrate that you face monetary damage to receive compensation for your losses after an electric scooter accident. While you can also receive compensation for non-economic losses, like pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life, you can only do so if you face objective monetary loss.

Monetary damages include medical bills, court and attorney fees, lost wages, and other objective losses. We encourage you to work with a Beverly Hills electric scooter accident lawyer, such as one from Setareh Law, for assistance demonstrating other parties are liable for your injuries and losses.

What Steps Should You Take After an Electric Scooter Accident?

Following an accident resulting in serious injuries, including after an electric scooter accident, you may have questions and concerns about what steps you should take next. We encourage you to utilize the following recommendations for strategies and next steps during your claim:

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

When you have been in an accident resulting in serious injuries, including an electric scooter incident, we encourage you to seek medical attention as soon as possible. By working with a doctor, you can have your injuries assessed, receive a diagnosis, understand how to manage healing and treatment, and receive referrals to additional specialists.

You should follow your doctor’s recommendations as closely as possible to improve your odds of healing well, even if you must undergo surgeries or procedures, attend additional appointments, receive therapies, and take time off work. 

We encourage you to keep any documents your doctor provides related to your care, including medical bills, written notes, treatment plans, and your medical records and history. These documents – in conjunction with seeking medical attention quickly and following doctor’s orders – will help you receive fair compensation.

Report the Incident

In many motor vehicle cases, there is a legal obligation to file a police report. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to make a proper report to local law enforcement. In some cases, you may also be required to file a report with the DMV.

Organize Evidence

If you have access to any evidence related to your claim, we encourage you to hold onto it and keep it organized. Evidence may include pay stubs, medical documents, receipts for property damage, photos, videos, and anything else that feels connected.

When you work with an electric scooter accident attorney from Setareh Law, we can help you gather additional information and assess all evidence related to your case. This will help us build a robust set of arguments in favor of your claim.

Do Not Discuss Your Claim

While discussing legal matters with others may feel comforting or cathartic, you should refrain from doing so. Even speaking with friends or family could be dangerous, as any information you share could be used against you during litigation.

We can only recommend you speak about your claim with your Beverly Hills electric scooter accident attorney. You have more privacy protection when speaking with your electric scooter accident lawyer, especially in comparison to communicating with others. This is because you have additional legal rights within the attorney-client relationship. You should share as much information as possible with your Beverly Hills electric scooter accident lawyer, as they are not required to share incriminating details in most circumstances. 

Be Careful When Communicating With Insurance

When you are communicating with insurance companies and other parties related to your claim, we encourage you to be very careful. Companies offering insurance policies generally do not have your best interest in mind, as they would rather keep as much money as possible.

While you may be obligated to answer specific questions, you should not include too many details. Anything you share with insurance can be used against you to lower the value of your claim and compensation you can obtain. 

Your electric scooter accident lawyer can help you communicate with insurance with clarity and a cautious strategy. Insurance companies are also less able to take advantage of victims when electric scooter accident attorneys represent them. 

Retain Legal Support From an Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

Your electric scooter accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal system confidently and efficiently, tackling many tasks on your behalf. However, your electric scooter accident attorney can also support you in additional and invaluable ways.

When you work with an electric scooter accident attorney from Setareh Law, we can help you further by recommending the next steps based on your circumstances and needs. Our firm can also help you further understand why these steps are so crucial to the success of your claim. For more detailed information or to discuss your specific case, please reach out to us at (310) 659-1826 or visit our contact form. Your initial consultation is free, giving you a risk-free opportunity to understand your legal options.

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