Truck drivers and their agencies rely on tools like event data recorders (EDR) to track drivers’ behavior on the road. Did you know that EDRs can benefit you in the wake of an accident, though? The data that EDRs collect on a company’s behalf can give you some insights into how a trucker was behaving immediately prior to your accident.

An experienced truck accident lawyer at Setareh Law can help you use this data to argue for your right to a personal injury case. If you have evidence of a truck driver’s negligence on hand, we can more easily argue for the damages you need to recover.

What Is an EDR?

Event data recorders are also known as “black boxes.” These boxes record data relevant to a truck’s operations. EDRs are most often found in airplanes but continue to help truck drivers, agencies, and accident survivors address what happened at the time of a roadway accident.

EDRs primarily store information about the state of a truck. This means that you can access an EDR to learn more about a truck’s:

  • Speed at the time of an accident
  • Brakes and brake security
  • Seatbelt usage
  • Steering inputs
  • Engine safety
  • Throttle position
  • RPM
  • Acceleration

All of this data can play a role in our assessment of the negligence that led to your accident. If we understand the condition of a truck prior to your accident, we can more effectively determine what kinds of negligence led to your crash.

EDRs can help our team determine the speed at which the crash took place, the force of crash impact, and whether or not the truck’s airbags deployed. This data can help establish the severity of the crash, making our efforts to elaborate on your right to compensation all the more straightforward.

How Does an EDR Contribute to Your Truck Accident Claim?

In order to assign liability for a truck accident, you need to have concrete data proving that a particular party:

  • Owed you a duty of care at the time of your accident
  • Violated that duty through recordable negligence
  • Forced you to endure unexpected and avoidable economic losses

EDR data provides you with the evidence you need to prove that your accident stemmed from a truck driver’s negligence. EDR data can also help you get ahead of an agency or insurance provider’s attempts to manipulate the narrative around your accident, as both of these parties may do whatever it takes to shift the blame for a truck accident onto your shoulders.

How Can Setareh Law Help?

Our team at Setareh Law can make your fight for fair compensation following a truck accident less complex. We can work to interpret the data found in an EDR and advocate for your right to its access should an agency attempt to obscure its data.

Moreover, we can ensure you file your claim before the state’s statute of limitations. You have a limited amount of time to act after an accident, with California capping your right to action two years after the day your accident takes place. Our team can complete an assessment of a truck’s EDR while you prioritize the rest you need to get back on your feet again.

Setareh Law Can Help You Interpret EDR Data

Truck drivers can cause serious and even deadly accidents if they behave negligently behind the wheel. Fortunately, EDRs can help you hold an irresponsible driver accountable for their misconduct. If you’re ready to take a truck accident case to civil court, let the truck accident lawyers with Setareh Law analyze relevant EDR data on your behalf.

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