After a car accident happens, investigators arrive at the scene and begin the process of reconstructing the crash. Using chalk marks, tape measures, and roller wheels, the investigators gather information to analyze and understand how the accident took place. The reconstruction process can take multiple hours and often requires lane closures and lengthy traffic delays. Additionally, emergency responders are placed at sustained risk for coming in contact with oncoming traffic. 

Drone technology has emerged as a unique solution to this outdated process. Police departments, emergency services, and insurance companies are increasingly using drones for data collection. 

What is Accident Reconstruction?

After a car crash occurs, police investigators conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene. In reconstruction analysis, investigators draw conclusions about the cause of an accident based on data collected from the scene: photographs, witness statements, measurements, and other essential data points. Using engineering principles, they are able to determine a collision’s cause and contributing factors. With that reconstruction of the accident, they can identify which party was the victim and provide essential information to the court. 

If you’ve been in a car crash and choose to go to court, accident reconstructions can add value to your case. Consulting with a skilled car accident lawyer is the best way to navigate the complex reconstruction process. 

How Drones Can Improve Car Accident Investigations 

Drones provide key benefits over the traditional method of crash reconstruction. From the air, drones can shoot high-resolution images and videos to be analyzed later. This allows police officers to gather precise measurements from 3D images in an efficient manner. A job that once took multiple hours and required a full team of staff can now be accomplished by one person in under an hour. Additionally, the crash site can be cleared quicker, resulting in less traffic delays and a lower risk for emergency responders. 

Do Other Emergency Organizations Use Drones?

Drone technology offers significant benefits to all kinds of emergency services. In any urgent crash, fire, or rescue situation, having efficient and accurate access to data enables responders to better allocate their resources. Additionally, drones are easy to operate and relatively inexpensive, making them especially appealing to government agencies and emergency departments. Across the country, emergency organizations are investing in drone hardware and training. Some useful applications for drones in emergency situations include: 


  • Monitoring accident sites to best deploy support and services 
  • Documenting accidents to preserve essential evidence
  • Landscape modeling to identify at-risk areas for natural disasters 
  • Examining the structural integrity of buildings

How Drone Technology Is Changing the Insurance Process

Many insurance companies are starting to employ drones to identify fraudulent claims or behaviors. In the case of a car accident, an insurance company might use drone data to determine whether someone was hurt enough to merit a claim or to identify the at-fault party. 

Contact a Trusted Car Accident Lawyer

The aftermath of a car accident is chaotic. Trying to take care of yourself while collecting vital documentation can be a challenge. In the wake of a car crash, it is always best to consult with a skilled car accident lawyer to ensure you are acting in a timely fashion and receive proper compensation. 

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