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October 25, 2021

Many factors play a role in buying a car, including the car’s interior and exterior. Not only do people look for cars that are within their price range, but they also seek out a vehicle that best fits their lifestyles. For some, the color of the car is just as important as how much it costs. After all, a car is a big purchase that people have to live with for quite some time. While someone may pick the color of their car because of their personality and personal taste, they often do not think about the safety implications of a particular car color.

Why Is the Color of Your Car Important for Your Safety?

The prominent reason color is so crucial when it comes to cars is visibility. If people can see you, they are less likely to run into you. Nighttime and harsh weather conditions can dramatically impair visibility. In these situations, the color of your car comes into play. Being in a dark car can have severe consequences if you are unseen by the other vehicles on the road. According to a study conducted by Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, black cars are the most dangerous. Black cars are followed by grey, silver, blue, red, and green. 

Of course, visibility is not affected by only nighttime or severe weather conditions. There are other factors to consider as well. Green, blue, and red are bright colors; therefore, one would think those colors are safe enough in terms of visibility. With these certain colors, our everyday environment, rather than the night sky, can cloak these colors from view. In theory, a red car is visible, but the problem lies in the quantity of red we see in our daily drives. We have red signs and red markers, and a red car can blend into everyday life. Blue and green cars also blend into the sky and trees, making it hard for drivers to detect them if they are not careful. Darker shades of green and blue look closer to black. As mentioned above, black cars are the most dangerous.

Certain colored cars that blend in with the environment are less likely to be seen quickly by other drivers on the road, and this can lead to collisions at a higher rate. 

What Is the Safest Car Color? 

According to the same Monash University study, white, yellow, orange, and gold are the safest colors for a car. Once again, it comes down to visibility in nearly any weather condition, environment, or time of day. White, yellow, orange, and gold cars are easy to spot. The study states that a white car is 12% less likely to crash than a black car. Although white is a safe color for a car, the safest is yellow. Yellow is bright and stands out against any backdrop. The visibility of a yellow car allows other drivers to react in time to avoid a collision.

It Is Not Just about the Color

We have seen that color does play a role in avoiding collisions, but it is not the determining factor. Just because black is a potentially dangerous color does not mean that you should never buy a black car. More important than the color of the car, it is essential that you are a safe driver. Your driving, however, is not a guarantee of safety either. Unfortunately, other factors come into play every time we get on the road. Weather conditions and the time of day are apparent factors, but road hazards and reckless drivers also affect your safety. 

The color of your car may influence the risks of a crash to a certain degree, but even researchers say car color is nowhere near as important as your driving behavior. The most important thing is to practice defensive driving and stay aware of your surroundings. 

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