There are a number of variables that you must consider when choosing a limousine or party bus that do not usually apply to normal vehicles. Party vehicles can pose as a safe and more enjoyable alternative to providing your own transportation while celebrating; however, there have been a number of high-risk cases in the past ten years that should make you reconsider if renting a limousine or party bus is the right decision.

In this article, we will go over the top three types of party vehicles that can cause an increased amount of risk on the road. It is important to know these risks in case you ever find yourself in these situations.

Limousines and Increased Risk of Personal Injury 

Limousines are elongated sedans or SUVs that can accommodate a small party of passengers. These vehicles often come outfitted with a number of celebratory features, including mirror balls, loud music, flashing lights, and alcohol. Since the vehicle is elongated, the structure of the vehicle and crumple zones become weaker and more complicated when accounting for different possible collisions and crashes. The seats are oriented in such a way to promote discussion, dancing, and general merriment, but they do not share some of the safety features inherent in most consumer vehicles on today’s market. If a negligent driver crashes into your limousine, the passengers are likely to experience trauma to the head from hitting the roof and the opposite side of the limousine.

Depending on the situation, determining who should pay for the personal injuries can get complicated. Maybe a light malfunctioned and caused the limousine driver to lose his visibility. Maybe the driver was impaired, or the vehicle’s manufacturer let a faulty piece of equipment through its quality control. In any case, proving who was at fault can be a complicated mess, which can result in an increased wait time to obtain the resources you may need to recover from a limousine accident. If the authorities determine that the cause of the accident came from your party that got too rowdy, you could be held liable for the damages and injuries.

Party Buses and Increased Risk of Personal Injury 

Party buses are like limousines, but they are bigger and have an increased amount of features. Some party buses can come with refrigerators, drink packages, and even exotic dancers. All of these factors lead to an environment that makes it difficult for the driver to pay attention to road conditions. Your party could be at an increased chance of injury from walking around the inside of the bus, mingling with other guests, or using the bus accommodations.

Frankenstein Vehicles and Increased Risk of Personal Injury 

Frankenstein vehicles are modified consumer or commercial-grade vehicles, such as pickup trucks or school buses, that have been altered to provide an open-air kind of entertainment for their guests. These vehicles are usually raised about a foot or so off of their normal stock height, and they have a DJ-worthy sound and lighting package installed into the back of the vehicle. Frankenstein vehicles come with all the concerns of limousines and party buses, and passengers are also at risk of falling out of the Frankenstein vehicle after a sharp turn or sudden lurch.

Setareh Law Can Help with Your Personal Injury Case 

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