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Setareh Law
September 7, 2021

When we visit our friends’ homes, we tend to let our guards down and enjoy ourselves. While no one ever plans for an accident to occur, an accident on a friend’s property can be awkward when it comes to what you should do after the fact. 

Whether the accident occurred due to a sports game that got a bit too rowdy or a slip and fall due to a wet hardwood floor, these accidents can be severe and even cause you to be hospitalized. While you likely do not want to blame your friend when it comes to getting compensated for your injuries, the award-winning injury lawyers at Setareh Law have some advice that can be helpful in this unique situation. 

Discuss Your Injuries with Your Friend

While you should discuss your injuries with your friend, it is important not to blame them if you hope to maintain a positive relationship with them. After the accident, let them know what has happened and seek medical attention as soon as you can. If the injury seems severe, then you should call for emergency services. If the injury is not as severe but something doesn’t feel right, seek medical attention to ensure you are okay and will not need further care. 

Find Out If Your Friend Has Homeowner’s Insurance

Many California homeowners have insurance in the case that an incident such as this one arises. If someone is injured on their property, regardless of where the fault of the incident lies, homeowner’s insurance provides coverage. You should not have to pay for an injury incurred on another’s property, even if they are your friend, so asking them about their homeowner coverage is vital. 

If you have personal health insurance that will cover any medical costs incurred from your injury, your friend may be able to seek reimbursement from your insurance. This may be a good thing to mention to your friend on a positive note in an otherwise awkward situation. 

Openly Discuss Your Injury Claim with Your Friend

If you plan to file an injury claim after an accident at a friend’s home, do not keep it a secret or surprise them with this information. Make it clear that you are not pursuing them personally but do not wish to pay out-of-pocket for an injury that was not your fault. Keeping the situation open and honest will do wonders in helping your friend understand the situation better so that your friendship does not have to suffer. 

California Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Build Your Claim

Getting injured at a friend’s home can be an awkward situation, but the process of building your injury claim does not have to ruin the friendship. If done correctly, you and your friend can easily get through this situation and never speak of the incident again. 

When it comes to filing your injury claim, you will want the help of the experienced lawyers at Setareh Law. With over 13 years of experience representing and fighting for their California clients, you will receive the personalized care needed for a unique claim like this. For a free case evaluation, contact us here or call (310) 659-1826.