Being the victim of a hit-and-run accident can be traumatic and overwhelming. You were hit and possibly sustained injuries, and the other car fled. In this situation, you might be confused as to what to do next. There are numerous reasons why a driver might flee the accident scene. Some drivers may be afraid, confused, or guilty about the accident. Other drivers may have more complicated reasons for fleeing. For example, the driver might be uninsured or driving without a license. They may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whatever their reason, you have no control over the other driver’s actions. You only are able to control your response to the situation.

3 Steps to Take After the Other Driver Has Fled the Scene

It is understandable if you are disoriented and confused after an accident. A hit-and-run can be incredibly stressful because the other driver left you stranded, possibly injured, and scared. The law requires that drivers remain at the accident scene; however, hit-and-runs are still far too common. According to the American Automobile Association, approximately 11% of police-reported accidents involve a driver fleeing the scene. If you are involved in an accident in which the other driver flees the scene, it is essential to remain calm and focus on the following three steps:

Gather All Possible Information about the Accident Scene

It is normal to go into shock after an accident. You will likely feel confused and scared, but you must focus on the details in front of you. You should try to recall anything about the other vehicle. Apart from the license plate number, important details you should try to catch may include:

  • Vehicle model and make
  • Vehicle’s color
  • Any damages the other vehicle might have sustained 
  • Window stickers or recognizable logos

Any information you can retain about the vehicle is going to be crucial when filing a report. It will also be beneficial for you to remember information about the crash itself. Make a note of everything you remember. If there are potential witnesses, make sure to talk to them if you can.

Do Not Chase after the Other Driver

Attempting to chase the other driver will jeopardize the accident scene, and it may place you or other passengers in danger. If you chase after the driver, you essentially disturb the crime scene, making it harder for police to determine what happened. If their report is unclear, it might affect your claim. Chasing the other driver means risking even more damage to yourself. It is far better for you to remain where you are and call the police. They will know how to handle the situation.

Get Medical Help and Call the Police 

Your health and safety come first, which is why you should not chase after the other vehicle. Instead, contact 911 and the police. Once you are out of any potential danger, you will file a police report. Filing a police report will give investigators the chance to locate the fleeing driver and arrest them for the hit-and-run. The police report will also show when, where, and how the accident occurred. This information is crucial when claiming damages with an insurance company.

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