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January 9, 2024

It’s not easy to know who to hold responsible for an accident stemming from poor roadway signage. However, some of the most common liable parties include construction crews and government officials, as they are responsible for the faulty placement of signage, failure to maintain signs, or inaccurate signs.

If you want to demand that these parties fix their signs, compensate you for your losses, or both, you can work with California’s car accident lawyers at Setareh Law. Our team can help assess your circumstances and argue before a civil judge that poor signage bears the front of the flame for your accident. 

Assigning Liability for a Car Accident Resulting From Poor Signage 

Car accidents stemming from poor road signage tend to prove particularly unique when brought before a civil judge. There are a range of parties that can assume liability for these car crashes, many of whom are responsible for the placement and maintenance of the road. Some of the most common parties to appear in poor signage car crash accident cases include the following:

Construction Crews

Construction crews have an obligation to use signage and other non-dangerous obstacles to warn drivers about the location of their work sites. These crews have similar responsibilities to install and properly maintain road signs up and down California highways.

Construction crews who fail on either front can assume liability for accidents stemming from poor road signage. If you want to hold a construction crew liable for your losses, you may have to take up a personal injury claim against an entire company. 

That said, construction crews may claim that a specific crew operated on an independent contractor contract when installing an at-fault sign. If you need help assigning liability within a construction crew after a poor signage car crash, contact a California car crash attorney now.

Government Officials

Some government officials may also be responsible for the installation and maintenance of road signs throughout California. Unfortunately, it can prove particularly challenging to hold these parties accountable for car accidents stemming from poor road signage placement or maintenance.

Most government officials operate under some manner of qualified immunity. If you want to sue a government official for a poor road signage car crash, you need to do so within six months of your accident. Even then, certain circumstances surrounding your accident may bar you from legal action.

Our team can assess the nature of your accident and determine if you have the right to sue an offending government party under California’s understanding of qualified immunity. 

Other Drivers

There’s a chance that the other drivers on the road may impact the overall quality of the signage in your area. Some of these parties may block signage purposefully or through negligent behavior. Others may damage signs.

In the rare instance where another driver bears the blame for poor road signage, you may have the right to hold that party accountable for your car accident losses. Be warned, though, that you have an obligation to meet California’s burden of proof if you want to hold another driver accountable for your crash. 

Discuss Accident Liability With a California Car Crash Lawyer

As you walk away from a car accident, you may find that poor signage bears the bulk of the blame for your injuries. Assigning liability for faulty signage can prove challenging to even experienced motorists. Fortunately, the car accident attorneys in California have your back.

We can bring forward the evidence needed to hold specific parties liable, be they construction crews or government officials. Get in touch with us today by calling us at (310) 659-1826 or filling out our online form.