Neurologists specialize in disorders and injuries affecting the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding muscles and nerves. People involved in an accident rarely think that visiting a neurologist is necessary, especially if they believe that their injuries are minor. Many people are unaware of the signs that point to conditions such as nerve damage, injuries to the spinal cord, or traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the symptoms of neurological issues are hidden behind the pain and irritation of other injuries sustained from the accident. For the sake of your health and safety, it’s important to consider consulting a neurologist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms. 

26 Signs to See a Neurologist after a Car Accident 

Brain and spinal injuries are not always present in the most obvious symptoms. In fact, these types of injuries are among the most common hidden injuries following a car accident. These injuries can be masked by symptoms and pain of other injuries sustained in the accident. The following symptoms might be signs that it’s time to meet with a neurologist to rule out any serious brain or spinal injuries and prevent further damage. 

  1. Loss of consciousness 
  2. Chronic headaches or migraines
  3. Pain that worsens with activity 
  4. Dizziness
  5. Vertigo
  6. Memory loss
  7. Light sensitivity 
  8. Ringing in the ears
  9. Fainting or feeling weak
  10. Drowsiness or difficulty staying awake
  11. Anxiousness, irritability, or mood swings
  12. Numbness or tingling in the body
  13. Seizures
  14. Inability to focus or process information
  15. Soreness in the neck, back, or shoulders 
  16. Vomiting and nausea
  17. Loss of vision or blurred vision
  18. Loss of sensation in the arms, hands, legs, feet, fingers, or toes
  19. Changes in taste and smell abilities 
  20. Uncontrollable tics, shaking, twitches, or spasms
  21. Balance problems 
  22. Partial or complete paralysis
  23. Weakened alertness
  24. Slurred speech
  25. Loss of bladder control
  26. Sleep disorders 

Spinal and brain injuries often require costly medical treatment, physical therapy, and accessibility tools. These types of injuries can prevent victims from performing their daily tasks and going to work, leaving them with no source of income. It’s not worth the risk of letting these injuries go untreated. Contact a neurologist if you are experiencing even a few of the symptoms listed above for your safety. 

Recovering Damages for Your Spine, Neck, or Brain Injuries 

As mentioned above, spine and brain injuries are costly for several reasons and often leave the victim unable to work to afford the expensive treatments. If you suffered injuries to your brain, neck, or spine because of another driver’s negligence, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Once a neurologist diagnoses you and links the diagnosis to the accident, you can file for damages against the negligent driver. A skilled Beverly Hills personal injury attorney can help you establish the other driver is liable for the damages you sustained. 

Contact Setareh Law’s California Personal Injury Lawyer 

Car accidents can be traumatic even when those involved don’t suffer any serious injury. A car accident can give victims a variety of psychological conditions even if they are physically unharmed, add physical injuries, and a stressful situation can become overwhelming. At Setareh Law, we understand the complicated nature of car accidents, both personally and legally, which is why we passionately advocate for the rights and interests of our injured clients. 

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