If you are seeking thrill and excitement, going for a ride with a friend or loved one on a motorcycle is the perfect way to travel through the palm tree–studded streets of California. With over 800,000 motorcycles on the roads in California, this popular mode of transportation may be fun, but it does not come without its dangers. 

Setareh Law is an award-winning motorcycle accident attorney helping victims in California. If you are riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, these five safety tips may help you avoid getting injured or worse while out on the roads. 

What Is California’s Law for Motorcycle Passenger Safety? 

California Vehicle Code (CVC) Article 7 Section 27800 details the essential equipment a motorcycle needs to carry a passenger and the driver legally. The legal requirements for a California motorcycle to carry are a passenger are:

  • A motorcycle must have a seat securely fastened at the rear of the driver
  • A passenger must have footrests or a sidecar designed to carry passengers
  • A passenger must be able to keep their feet on the footrest while the motorcycle is being operated

Finally, there may be a legal height requirement for California motorcycle passengers. While there is no specific height a passenger must reach, if they are not tall enough to reach the footrest, they may not legally be allowed to ride. 

Top Safety Tips for Riding as a Passenger on a California Motorcycle

While the driver may be experienced riding on a motorcycle, a passenger may need some tips on remaining safe while riding. 

Demonstrate How to Get On and Off

Before taking off on a motorcycle ride, a driver should show passengers how to get on and off the vehicle safely. The driver should always mount the motorcycle first and give a signal for when the passenger should get on. For the dismount, the passenger should get off first. 

Demonstrate How to Sit on the Bike

A driver should always show passengers how to sit on the motorcycle safely. This may prevent them from falling off and becoming injured. 

Remember the Adjusted Response Time

With the added weight of a passenger, a motorcycle may respond slower. This is important to remember as a driver as you may need to allow for more time at stops or turns. 

Wear Proper Gear

Passengers should be wearing proper gear when riding a motorcycle. Some examples of what would be deemed proper gear include:

  • Long pants
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Protective gloves
  • A jacket
  • A federally approved helmet

Consider Restraint Systems

When riding with passengers, the number one fear of most drivers is that their passenger will fall off and be injured. A driver may add restraints like seatbelts to the passenger seat to help keep passengers secure while driving. 

California Motorcycle Injury Attorney Is Here to Help You

If you have been a passenger on a motorcycle, taking steps to keep yourself safe is crucial. However, accidents may still occur, even if you follow all the necessary safety tips. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may want to partner with an experienced motorcycle injury attorney to help build your injury claim. 

Setareh Law is a seasoned team of motorcycle injury attorneys. With over 13 years of providing clients with award-winning legal counsel, we are proud to help victims in California get their lives back on track. For a free consultation, contact us here or call (310) 659-1826.