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January 4, 2022

Distracted driving has been a prevalent problem in California and across the country for years. Studies indicate that over 200,000 people are injured or killed each year as a result of distracted driving accidents. The California Office of Traffic Safety reported that 10,377 drivers were cited for texting or using an electronic device while driving in 2015 alone.

It is an unfortunate reality, but distracted driving happens every day in the State of California. From checking social media to talking to other passengers, you never know when you might get into an accident caused by distracted driving. Fortunately, if you or a loved one was injured because of another person’s distracted driving, there are experienced lawyers who can help.

Learn about the most common causes of distracted driving in California so you know how to prepare for them the next time you are on the road. Maintaining safe driving habits should be every driver’s first priority.

Using a Cellphone to Talk or Text While Driving

According to recent research, the use of cellphones while driving is among the leading causes of distracted driving accidents in the United States. One study found that up to 80% of drivers illegally use their cellphones while driving to talk or send text messages.

Luckily, the State of California has begun to take the use of cellphones while driving much more seriously in recent years. Unlawful use of a cellphone while driving is considered an infraction in California, which means that drivers cannot hold their phones or operate them in any other way than a hands-free manner while driving. This also includes texting or using a phone at a red light or a stop sign.

Adjusting a GPS Device While Driving in California

Traffic and navigation in California are notorious problems. Many drivers who live here often encounter the need for a GPS while driving. However, laws created in 2017 state that a driver cannot manually operate a GPS device in their vehicle, with the exception of turning the device on or off. Hands-free or voice-operated devices are allowed, but drivers should always put their destination into the system prior to starting their vehicles.

Changing the Volume or Modifying Controls While Driving

Turning down your music or activating your air conditioning may not seem like it can cause any serious harm, but dividing your attention away from the road for even a moment may result in an accident. California’s roads are full of drivers eager to get to their destinations, and it is more important than ever to focus entirely on driving when behind the wheel.

Eating or Drinking While Driving

Although there is no law in California that explicitly says a driver cannot eat or drink while driving, doing so can cause a massive distraction. If you drop a piece of food or spill any kind of liquid on yourself while driving, you might feel compelled to clean up, which would ultimately pull your attention away from the road.

You may not be likely to get pulled over for eating or drinking something while you’re behind the wheel, but if you cause an accident or injure another person as a result of doing it, you may wind up being penalized under California’s distracted driving laws.

Personal Grooming While Driving

Something as simple as checking their reflection can cause a driver to be distracted from the road long enough to cause a collision. Many individuals who commute to their jobs in the morning often feel the need to take care of their personal grooming before arriving at work, including adjusting their hair, applying makeup, cleaning their glasses, or putting in contact lenses. We all find ourselves occasionally rushing to arrive at our destination on time, but grooming while driving because you are running late is never a good idea.

Work with an Expert Car Accident Lawyer in California

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