Is there anything better than having friends and family over for a summer pool party? California is the ideal state for warm afternoons spent by the pool with your favorite people, but what happens when an accident occurs? The award-winning legal team at Setareh Law wants to help you prevent any injuries at your pool this summer with seven tips for accident-proofing your outdoor pool area. 

Safety Proof Tips for Your California Pool 

With California summer in full effect, it is probably a top pastime for your family and friends to chill out and beat the heat if you have a pool. While a day down by the pool can be relaxing, accidents can happen at any moment and tend to occur when we least expect them. The following safety tips will help keep visitors safe at your California pool this summer:

Put Up a Fence

This is a good option, especially if you have young children. Putting up a fence will be a safety barrier that will help prevent the possibility of visitors accidentally falling into the pool. Choose a fence that is wide and tall enough to keep kids out unless you or another adult is there to supervise them. 

Move Ladders

If you have an above-ground pool that is accessed by a ladder, move the ladder out of reach when not used. This helps ensure no one has access to the pool unless you want them to and can supervise. 

Install a Pool Alarm

Install a pool alarm that will alert you if anyone is accessing your pool without your knowledge. You can find pool alarms that will require a special code to be switched off, which is useful when trying to monitor your children and their friends. 

Lock Entryways

If your pool area has an entryway or a door, consider installing a lock. This is a great way to keep any visitors you have over safe as you will ensure no one is around the pool unless you unlock the entryway. 

Store Pool Toys

Slipping or falling is a common injury when people are not careful around a pool. To avoid visitors slipping and getting injured at your pool, store any pool toys when they are not in use to get them out of the way. 

Use a Pool Cover

While many pools are already equipped with pool covers, people often either forget or choose not to utilize them. Using a pool cover is essential to prevent anyone from accidentally falling into the water. 

Keep Safety Gear 

Accidents can happen, and it is best to be prepared. Having safety gear on hand will ensure that if an injury does occur, you will be able to do as much as you can to help the injured individual. 

California Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help

No one wants an injury to put a damper on a perfect summer day, which is why keeping your California pool as safe as possible is crucial. However, if you or a loved one has been injured while at someone else’s pool, you may be seeking the help of a talented injury attorney to help with your injury claim. 

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