Immediately following a car accident, you’re most likely focused on your injuries and moving to safety. Something you might not think of is collecting evidence of the crash. Remember that your safety should be your top priority, so only take photos if it’s safe to do so.

After your accident, you should take the photos to a California car accident attorney. They can use the images to prove your injuries and damages. A knowledgeable attorney also might be able to use the pictures to show who was responsible for causing the accident.

How to Stay Safe When Taking Photos of a Car Crash

After an accident, you should move your car to the side of the road if it’s safe to do so. This will reduce the risk of another car hitting yours, causing further damage and injury.

If you only have minor injuries and can safely exit your vehicle, take pictures of the accident. However, your injuries might be too severe for you to collect evidence. If you feel pain in your back or head, you should remain in the car until help arrives. You can still photograph road and weather conditions that might have contributed to the collision.

There are times when it’s not safe to collect evidence following a car accident. For example, there might not be enough room on the shoulder to walk around your vehicle. The other driver may even exit their car and start screaming and making aggressive motions toward you. If this happens, lock your doors and avoid eye contact. Wait for the police to arrive to diffuse the situation.

Tips for Taking Photos at an Accident Scene

As you begin to document the accident, there are many things you should keep in mind. Remember, your attorney will use these photos for legal purposes, so don’t use filters or add any effects. Here are some tips for photographing a car accident.

  • Overview shots: Take a few steps back and take a wide shot of the crash from different angles. These images might show who was liable for the accident depending on how the cars are positioned.
  • Traffic signals: You won’t be able to show if a light was red or green at the time of the accident, but photographing the position of traffic signals might give reconstruction specialists valuable information about the scene.
  • Visible damage to vehicles: Walk around both cars and take up-close photos of any dents, scratches, and broken glass. This will prove how much damage the vehicle sustained. That way, your insurance company can’t claim you’re exaggerating.
  • Injuries: Take photos of any visible injuries to prove them to insurance companies.

Overall, if you think something might be valuable to your auto accident claim, take a photo of it.

Types of Compensation You May Receive from a Car Accident Claim

All car accidents are different, but most bring significant bills from medical services and property damage. On top of that, some victims might be out of work with no way to cover costs. Depending on your case, your California personal injury attorney might be able to secure compensation for the following losses:

  • Medical bills
  • Auto repairs
  • Cost of a rental car
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death

To receive full compensation, make sure to save all receipts and bills. Otherwise, you risk insurance companies questioning the amount and possibly denying your claim.

Skilled Car Accident Attorneys in California

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