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As the second-most populous city in Antelope Valley, Palmdale offers a number of benefits to visitors and residents, including a variety of entertainment venues, dining and drinking establishments, and economic perks. Unfortunately, there are also a number of ways that someone’s negligence can result in physical harm to other people due to car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, or a myriad of other incidents as well.

Being hurt in an accident caused by someone else is costly, both in terms of obtaining the medical treatment needed, weathering a loss of earnings while being too injured to work, and losing the ability to lead an active and normal life. If you’ve been injured, the California personal injury claims process provides you the opportunity to seek compensation for the expenses and impacts of your injury, and a Palmdale personal injury attorney is an important ingredient to having a successful claim.

What Types of Accidents and Injuries Can Result in a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury law is a rather wide umbrella involving injuries resulting in a number of ways. Some of the common types of accidents that can give rise to a Palmdale personal injury claim include all types of motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, and injuries resulting from unmitigated property hazards. Dog bites are another common source of personal injury that can result in a legal claim.

It is a common misbelief that the personal injury claims process is available only for those who have suffered serious injuries. In truth, any type of injury that results in financial and emotional impacts can lead to a claim, from muscle sprains or strains that require physical therapy and result in a few missed days from work, to broken bones that can take months to heal, to even the most catastrophic of injuries, including traumatic injuries to the brain or spinal cord. 

The Personal Injury Claims Process in Palmdale

California’s personal injury laws allow claimants who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence to seek compensation by filing a claim against a relevant insurance policy held by the liable party. Once the claim has been filed, the insurer who services the policy will assign a claims adjuster to review the claim and make determinations about:

  • Whether the policy the claim was filed against extends coverage for the type of damages that are being claimed
  • Whether the insured who is covered by the policy was liable for the accident that resulted in someone else being injured
  • How much money the insurance provider owes to the claimant due to the liability of their insured

Because the claims adjuster is evaluating the claim in support of the insurance company’s financial interests, it is not unusual for the claims adjuster to engage in a number of tactics designed to devalue the claim, such as offering to settle the claim for far less than its established value. An experienced personal injury lawyer can negotiate with them in order to convince the adjuster to increase the offer.

The Type of Compensation You Can Seek Through a Personal Injury Claim

In California, personal injury claimants can seek compensation for the expenses they incurred as a result of the accident. This type of compensation is known as economic damages and includes medical costs, the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle, wage loss, and even permanent loss of earning capacity that is commonly experienced as a result of catastrophic injuries.

Claimants can also seek compensation for the quality-of-life impacts they incurred as a result of the accident, which is known as non-economic damages. Non-economic damage claims commonly include impacts such as physical pain and suffering resulting from the injury and treatment of it, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and much more.

The claim’s value is based on both expenses and impacts. Economic damages are calculated in a fairly straightforward manner by adding up the expenses represented through receipts, invoices, and bills. However, a number of factors are used to calculate non-economic damages, including the amount of insurance coverage available from the at-fault party’s policy to compensate for the claim, the severity and permanence of the injuries sustained, and even the level of recklessness that resulted in an accident.

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Regardless of how the accident happened, being injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness is a distressing event that typically results in profound financial and psychological impacts. The legal team at Setareh Law provides aggressive advocacy and high-quality support to those throughout California who have been injured. You have a right to obtain compensation after you have been harmed by another party, and you don’t have to fight for it alone.

You can learn more about your legal options, obtain answers to the questions you have about your case, and receive information about the legal services that are available for you through a free case evaluation with an injury attorney. To get started on the claims process, call our English- and Spanish-speaking team at (310) 659-1826 or contact us online.

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