Imagine you are driving along when, out of nowhere, a driver appears behind you. Of course, the driver behind you is speeding. When they try to pass you, they hit you, and your car is seriously damaged. How do you prove that their speeding caused the accident? Why do you need to prove that speeding was the cause?

Importance of Proving Speeding in an Accident

If the other driver in an accident was speeding, it is crucial that you prove it because such proof of speeding would make the other driver responsible for the accident.

When someone is speeding, there is less time to react to changes in traffic. In addition, speeding makes it take longer to stop than it would take if the driver was going the legal speed limit. All in all, speeding makes for more dangerous road conditions.

Factors to Help You Prove Speeding Caused an Accident

There are a few ways that can help you prove that speeding caused an accident, including the use of technology and the availability of existing evidence.

Video Footage from Surveillance Cameras

Depending on where you are when the accident occurs, there may be video footage from surrounding buildings that can be submitted as evidence of the other party’s speeding.

Accident and Expert Witness Testimony

An accident witness is a person who was there when the accident occurred and saw it happen. Their testimony is crucial because they provide a different view of the accident than the drivers involved.

Expert witness testimony comes from an expert who has viewed all available data. They can give their professional opinion that a driver was speeding based on the evidence.

Police Reports Are Essential

Any time there is damage due to an accident, you should call the police and have them file a report. A police report can be the difference between a case that wins and a case that loses.

Dash Cams and Other Monitoring Devices

Most commercial vehicles utilize dash cams or other monitoring devices to ensure their drivers are conducting themselves safely. The data from such devices can be submitted as evidence.

GPS data can be used to calculate speed by dividing the distance driven by how long it took to drive that distance.

All of the Damage Caused by the Accident

When a car is designed, the manufacturer determines how much damage it can take. Using this information and the amount of property damage caused by the accident can help determine how quickly someone was driving.

How Spread Out Is the Debris

The harder a car is hit, the farther the debris flies. Accident reconstructors can determine how fast someone was going by the distance the debris was thrown.

What Skid Marks Show

An accident reconstructor can look at skid marks and calculate how fast someone was driving when they applied the brakes based on the location and length of the skid marks.

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