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Riverside Car Accident LawyerDriving or riding in a vehicle is notoriously one of the most dangerous things we can do. In the Golden State, over 3,000 people die on our roadways every year, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. Those who are lucky enough to walk away from a crash are commonly left with injuries, repairs, and mental trauma to deal with, even if someone else’s negligence caused the accident. Yet, in the United States, vehicles are our primary means of transportation.

Car crashes, whether fatal or minor, can significantly impact a victim and their family’s lives. Dealing with injury or, in some cases, death, or even loss of wages or transportation, is challenging for everyone involved. That’s why Setareh Law has chosen to fight for thousands of motor vehicle accident victims and their families across Southern California for over a decade. Our mission is to maximize compensation recovery for anyone injured in a car accident caused by negligence.

How Much Could My Riverside Car Accident Case Be Worth?

If you or someone you know was involved in a car accident, you probably know what it’s like to have to juggle healing injuries, swelling medical bills and lost wages, all while under extreme mental distress. At Setareh Law, we believe car accident victims should not have to juggle the consequences of another person’s negligent behavior, which is why we do everything in our power to help make things right.

When a plaintiff is injured in a car accident, they have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault party for their economic and non-economic damages. Typically, the amount of compensation a person is entitled to after a car accident is the sum of the total cost of car repairs and injuries sustained. Although, the exact value of your claim will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case and will be determined by factors such as:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • Your past medical costs
  • Your estimated future medical costs
  • The degree of mental and physical suffering you have withstood
  • Whether you were partially at fault for the accident
  • The extent of your property damage
  • The sum of wages lost
  • Loss of future earning capacity

We want nothing more than to see you be awarded compensation for any losses you have obtained during a car accident and will work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve justice.

What Should You Do After Getting into an Accident in Riverside?

After an accident, once everyone is treated for injuries and a police report has been filed, you will need to report the crash to your insurance company. Keep in mind that you should not discuss fault with your insurance provider until you have spoken with an attorney. Once your insurance has been notified, you will want to record any details from the accident that you can remember, such as:

  • Road conditions
  • Location of the crash
  • Weather conditions
  • Lighting conditions
  • Details of what happened

Most importantly, make sure you collect contact information from everyone at the scene of the crash. You will need to gather driver’s license and insurance information from the other drivers, badge numbers from any responding police officers, and phone numbers of any witnesses of the accident.

In California, the statute of limitations for filing a claim for property damage is three years from the date of an incident. Claims for personal injuries aren’t allowed as much of a waiting period and must be settled within two years of a crash. With such limited time, make sure you contact us as soon as possible so we can begin building your case and maximize your settlement.

Hire a Skilled Attorney to Recover Compensation for Your Riverside Car Accident

With over 13 years of legal experience, we have built an impressive reputation across Southern California. We are honored to represent victims of accidents all over Riverside and the state of California. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled client service, so we strive to exceed ourselves every single day. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the office doors. If it is more convenient for you, we will not hesitate to visit clients in their homes, at the hospital, or in a nursing home.

At Setareh Law, we run on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay us a fee if we get you results. We understand the burden of pursuing a legal claim and take great pride in being there for you during this hectic time. Call (310) 659-1826 or complete an online contact form today to set up a free evaluation of your car accident case. We take great pride in being there for our clients during their times of need, so we make ourselves available to our clients around the clock.

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