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  • In California, dog owners are legally responsible for protecting others from their dogs, regardless of the dog’s past behavior. Setareh Law helps dog bite victims in Santa Monica claim compensation for injuries impacting their daily life.
  • Victims have two years under California law to file a personal injury claim against a dog’s owner. After this statute of limitations expires, the courts may reject the claim without consideration.
  • California’s strict liability laws hold dog owners accountable for bite injuries, irrespective of the dog’s history or the location of the attack. Exceptions include trespassing incidents or bites by law enforcement animals.
  • Compensation for dog bite injuries includes economic damages for medical bills and property damage, and non-economic damages for stress and trauma. Setareh Law assists in evidence gathering and legal proceedings, offering free case evaluations to simplify the legal process for victims.

Dog owners across California have a legal obligation to protect the people around them from their dogs. It doesn’t matter whether or not a dog has displayed aggressive behavior or has been nothing but kind in the past. A dog who attacks another person can permanently compromise that person’s ability to meet their day-to-day needs.

What can you do if you find yourself on the receiving end of a dog attack? When in doubt, get in touch with a Santa Monica dog bite attorney. Setareh Law can represent your best interests, ensuring that you have the opportunity to fight for the compensation you need to recover. You can contact us today to book your first free personal injury case evaluation.

When to Take Action Against a Negligent Dog Owner

California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1 controls the amount of time in which you have to file a personal injury claim against the owner of a violent dog. You must bring your complaint forward within two years of your initial accident if you want California to recognize your right to fight for fair compensation.

The statute of limitation aims to keep any cases that come before California’s civil judges as relevant as possible. You cannot file a personal injury claim for dog bite damages after your statute of limitations expires. The courts have the right to reject overdue claims without consideration.

Outlining Your Right to a Dog Bite Claim

How do you know when you have the right to take legal action against the owner of a dog who has bitten you? Fortunately, California civil statutes addressed this question directly. Dog owners assume liability for injuries rendered by their dogs regardless of whether or not that dog has exhibited a history of violent behavior.

It does not matter whether or not the accident took place in a private or public place. Under California’s understanding of strict liability, owners generally have an immediate obligation to compensate dog bite victims regardless of circumstances.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule. You may not have the right to compensation for a dog bite injury if you were trespassing on someone else’s property or bear some partial fault for the accident. Likewise, you may not receive compensation for your losses if you were bitten by a law enforcement animal. Police dogs are, to a point, protected by qualified immunity.

Evidence Establishes Dog Bite Liability

When outlining your right to a dog accident claim, make sure you have evidence indicating that you were physically injured due to a dog owner’s negligence. The evidence you bring forward to make this point can include medical reports from the doctor or hospital. You may also request that bystanders contribute their testimony to your case.

An experienced dog bite lawyer in Santa Monica can even bring an expert witness to comment on the character of an unexpectedly aggressive dog. Once you have enough evidence to meet California’s burden of proof, though, you should have the right to initiate either settlement negotiations or a trial against the negligent dog owner.

Demanding Fair Damages After a Dog Bite Accident

How do you determine what damages you deserve after a dog bite accident? When in doubt, your lawyer can break your accident-related losses down into two categories: economic and non-economic. 

In terms of dog bite accidents, you may find yourself contending with a sudden onslaught of medical bills on top of some minor property damage. When requesting economic damages, you can include those losses in your claim.

You can additionally request that a dog’s owner compensate you for non-economic losses, including stress, undue trauma, and care for your mental health. While these losses don’t generate a traditional dollar value, our attorneys can rely on state precedent and existing multipliers to help determine their impact on the economic value of your case. 

Attorneys Can Make Your Dog Bite Case Easier to Manage

Our team understands that the average person may find civil proceedings intimidating. That is the reason many dog accident victims choose not to bring their cases forward in civil court. Fortunately, you have access to experienced dog bite attorneys throughout Santa Monica and beyond. Our dog bite lawyers can help you navigate the legal process with as little stress as possible.

We’ve won hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for survivors in positions just like yours. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, you can schedule a free case evaluation with our team within hours of your accident. These consultations do not obligate you to further legal action should you not wish to pursue it. 

Get in Touch With Experienced California Attorneys Today

Don’t let the statute of limitations on your dog bite case expire. You deserve fair compensation for the damages you experienced in a dog bite accident. You can work with the dog bite attorens at Setareh Law to hold a negligent owner accountable for their oversights. In turn, those owners can help fund your recovery, reducing your financial strain while you address your accident-related injuries.

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