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December 29, 2021

When people get into car accidents, the aftermath of the accident can be extremely disorienting, chaotic, and even traumatizing. In addition to possible injuries and car damage, there most likely is going to be a lot of movement around the scene. For example, law enforcement, witnesses, onlookers, and others probably will converge on the scene.

Before the accident scene becomes too chaotic, you want to make sure that you take pictures as soon as possible after the accident so that you can capture the scene undisturbed. Those pictures may be helpful later when it comes to telling the story of what happened during the crash, and the photos may help you when filing for damages.

Tips for Taking Good Photos after a Car Accident in California

You need to make sure that you take the right types of pictures that will tell as much of the story of the accident as possible. The following tips will help you take the best and most helpful photos of the car accident scene:

Take Pictures of Any Injuries after a Car Accident

High on the list of the pictures you need to take are photos of your injuries. You should take pictures of any injuries as soon as possible after the crash to show that your injuries came from the accident itself. You’ll also want to take pictures of any bruising that pops up in the days immediately following the accident. Some injuries might not show signs or symptoms until days later. Document such injuries as you notice them.

Take Clear Pictures of the Location after a Car Accident

Take as many pictures as you can of the location where the accident took place. You should take note of any traffic signs, road signs, stop signs, street name signs, and anything else that could work as an identifying marker. You’ll also want to pay particular attention to the location of traffic signals and stop signs. This information could help determine if someone was at fault for either ignoring or not seeing the signs.

In addition, you should try to take pictures of the accident from at least three different angles. To do a close-up, try to take a photo that’s no more than five feet away from your subject. If you plan to take photos at a medium distance, you will want to take pictures that are no more than fifteen feet away from the subject. If you can, try and take long-distance shots of the accident that are at least twenty feet away from the subject. Taking longer-distance shots provides a well-rounded, overall view of the accident scene.

Take Detailed Photos of the Damage after a Car Accident

It’s extremely important that you take pictures of the damage sustained by your car and by any other cars involved in the accident. Take pictures of everything from slight scuff marks to completely totaled vehicles. Don’t forget to take pictures of any debris that may have broken loose from the car or cars during the accident. This includes shattered glass, broken doors, ruined tires, and anything else that may have been broken or destroyed due to the impact of the crash.

Take Pictures of the Weather Conditions on the Day of a Car Accident

Weather often plays a huge role in car accidents. If the roads were slippery due to rain or flooding, or they were not passable due to snow or ice, you will want to capture such conditions on film. Some accidents have taken place because of the way that the sun hit a driver’s windshield. Capture as much of this imagery as you can so that your car accident lawyers will have as much evidence to work with as possible.

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Getting into an accident is understandably traumatic, but making the effort to take photos of the scene could make all the difference down the road. Such photos could help you later when you file a claim.

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