You can approach a slip-and-fall accident from a few different perspectives. If you want to take legal action after your incident, you’ll need to hammer out what kind of accident you endured and how alleged liability might impact the position you take in a civil complaint.

You don’t have to work out the logistics of a slip-and-fall accident on your own, though. Instead, you can bring your case to a California personal injury lawyer. An industry professional can help you assess your circumstances and file a complaint that adequately expresses your losses.

Types of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

There’s more than one way a person can lose their balance. Some of the most common types of slip-and-fall accidents include:

Heel Slips

Heel slips are some of the most common types of falls that a person can suffer from. You may endure a heel slip if, when stepping forward, your heel fails to connect with a solid or stable surface. In these cases, your heel can move out in front of your hip, causing you to gain unintentional momentum and lose your balance.

Heel slips often see a person fall backward instead of forward. This means that heel slips can often cause head, neck, and back injuries. If you suffer from a heel slip, you may also endure a wrist, hand, or arm injury, particularly if you try to catch yourself as you fall.

Toe Slips

When you suffer from a toe slip, you stumble as you bring your back foot ahead of your front foot. These slips are rare, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. If you suffer from health conditions, including muscle weakness or previous, poorly-healed injuries, you’re more likely to stumble and hurt yourself.

That said, slip-and-fall accidents are more often the result of someone else’s negligence as opposed to your own weakness. Before you blame yourself for a toe slip or another kind of fall, make sure you assess your surroundings. You can even bring evidence of a fall to a California personal injury attorney to begin an investigation into your losses.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents as Personal Injury Cases

Most of the time, the state of California classifies its slip-and-fall accidents as personal injury cases. Should you choose to pursue one of these cases, a court can assume that you believe another party’s negligence contributed to your losses.

When you file a personal injury case, you need to use evidence found at the scene of your fall to help you establish liability. For example, if you slip-and-fall when a bicyclist rides past you, you can only take that bicyclist to court if you have evidence indicating that some recklessness on their part caused you to lose your balance.

You don’t have to investigate the scene of your accident alone. Instead, when you bring your concerns to our office, we can set out and examine the scene while you focus on recovering.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents as Premises Liability Cases

Your approach to a slip-and-fall accident can change if you believe that a property owner’s negligence resulted in your fall. To bring a premises liability case against a property owner, you need to first determine what your relationship with that property owner looked like at the time of your accident.

California awards certain protections to visitors known as invitees and licensees. Even trespassers have the right to certain civil protections, provided that the property owner took violent action against them while they were on the owner’s property. You can discuss your role and how it may impact your right to compensation with a California personal injury attorney.

Discuss Your Slip-And-Fall Accident With Our Team Members

There are several factors that make your slip-and-fall accident unique. We need to consider each of these factors before we present your case to a county clerk. Because each of the factors contributing to your case can impact your possible compensation, how we elaborate on them in your initial complaint could change how you address your accident-related bills.

You can contact a California slip-and-fall attorney to discuss the circumstances of your accident today. We’re available to discuss your slip-and-fall accident over the phone at (310) 818-7492 or through our website.