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The duty of care motorists owe to one another extends to everyone on the road. Pedestrians who endure the consequences of a motorist’s negligence have the right to cite a violated duty of care if they want to take legal action against the party who allegedly caused their accident.

You and your loved ones can contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Ventura to explore the full range of your post-accident legal options. Setareh Law Firm can meet with you on your own terms to determine what your best path toward pedestrian accident compensation may be.

Understanding the Duty of Care Owed to Pedestrians

When motorists take to the road, they have an innate responsibility to try and protect one another from harm. This same duty of care applies to the relationship between motorists, other parties, and pedestrians. Pedestrians, in particular, are entitled to an additional degree of care because they’re unprotected on the side of the road.

This means that all parties, in relation to pedestrians, must:

  • Acknowledge pedestrians’ right of way at crosswalks
  • Avoid negative interactions with pedestrians during the normal flow of traffic
  • Obey roadway signs and laws
  • Take reasonable steps to avoid pedestrians in the face of unrelated roadway accidents

Any party that violates the duty of care owed to pedestrians in Ventura can be held liable for an accident they cause. What’s more, an injured pedestrian can bring forward evidence of a violated duty of care if they want to request damages for their losses in civil court.

Pedestrians Can React to a Violated Duty of Care

Should you believe that negligence contributed to any injuries you sustained in a pedestrian accident, you can work with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Ventura, CA, to bring a claim forward in civil court. These claims give you the right to demand that a liable party provide you with the financial support you need to recover from the aforementioned losses.

To accurately fill out a pedestrian accident claim, you need to have evidence of a violated duty of care on hand. What’s more, you should be prepared to name the party you believe to be liable for your losses.

You should also work with an attorney to calculate the overall value of your case. When you can present evidence of the losses tied to your accident, it may be easier for a county clerk to understand why you want to pursue legal action against another party.

Submit Your Pedestrian Accident Claim by the Applicable Deadline

To take legal action against the party allegedly liable for your pedestrian accident claim, you need to be aware of California’s personal injury statute of limitations. Pedestrian accidents fall under this category due to most survivors’ losses. 

According to the California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1, you have two years to submit a comprehensive pedestrian accident claim to a California county clerk. After this point, a county clerk can consider your argument and determine if a court should bring your case forward.

If you discover your right to legal action after your statute of limitations has passed, don’t panic. You can still bring your concerns to our team. While our filing options may be limited, we can still explore what legal means to compensation may remain available to you.

Requesting Pedestrian Accident Compensation Via Negotiation

If you want to request compensation for a pedestrian accident, you do not have to bring your case before a civil judge. While these parties can award you the right to pursue compensation, you can opt to come to an agreement with a defendant during private settlement negotiations.

You can rely on a Ventura pedestrian accident lawyer for representation during these negotiations. Our team can make sure that you accurately represent your accident-related losses. We can subsequently prevent the defendant from trying to undermine the value of those losses.

If it appears that the defendant isn’t going to take negotiations seriously, you still have legal options on the table. You can move your pedestrian accident claim into civil court. In these environments, you must rely on the discretion of a judge and jury when requesting compensation. You can, however, reignite negotiations if the defendant changes their tune.

Taking Pedestrian Accident Losses to Civil Court

Going to civil court can be stressful for someone who’s rarely interacted with the California legal system. When you take a claim before a judge, however, you enact a right awarded to you when the allegedly liable party in question violated their duty of care. With that in mind, courtroom representatives can work with you to make your experience as straightforward as possible.

Most pedestrian accident civil cases break down into the following stages:

  • Discovery
  • Opening statements
  • Examination
  • Cross-examination
  • Closing statements
  • Deliberation and verdict

The most grueling parts of this process can be your examination and cross-examination. Even so, our team can prepare you for your time on the stand, should it be necessary for you to personally present information about your case. This preparation can help you protect your right to compensation as you present your argument.

Let Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Ventura Defend You

Pedestrians, of all the parties on the road, are particularly vulnerable to roadway accidents. You don’t have to let recklessness behind the wheel go unanswered, though — particularly not when it results in a personal injury. Instead, you can collaborate with a Ventura pedestrian accident attorney to challenge someone else’s negligence in civil court.

You don’t have to research the practicalities of a pedestrian accident claim on your own. Instead, you can collaborate with Setareh Law. Schedule a case consultation and see how our team can make your post-accident life all the simpler. We’re available to discuss our servics over the phone at (310) 659-1826 or you can use our contact form. We also speak spanish.

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