If you were involved in a California trucking accident, you may be unsure who to hold liable for your damages and injuries or whether the driver is at fault. You will need to learn if the truck driver is independent or working for a trucking company, just to start. Navigating the details of insurance, filing an injury claim, and potentially filing a lawsuit may require the assistance of an experienced California trucking accident attorney.

To better understand how to file a lawsuit against a truck driver, a trucking company, and other liable parties involved in your accident, consider the following factors that could impact your case:

Circumstances of Your Trucking Accident

The circumstances of your accident may present you with multiple parties involved, and elements like manufacturer defects in the vehicle or driver negligence will determine who you might sue. Typically, if the issue stems from the trucking company, you would pursue a claim against its insurance company representing them. You will likely need to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer to initiate the claims process for your compensation.

The Trucker Driver

Many truck drivers on California roadways are either working independently or employed by a trucking company. If the semi-truck operator is at fault for the accident, they would be liable. Keep in mind, though, that if there were elements outside of the driver’s control or knowledge, such as a manufacturer’s defect in the tires, this might cause redirection to a different party. 

The Carrier Company

It’s fairly common to include the trucking company in a personal injury suit for an accident caused by the negligence of an affiliated driver. One way that a carrier company may be negligent and contribute to an accident involving one of their fleets is demanding drivers stay on the road for longer periods than legally permitted. Another cause for these types of devastating crashes is failing to maintain their fleet. Keeping commercial big-rigs in disrepair can cause the most experienced drivers to lose control of their vehicles. 

Insurers for these transportation companies will back their customers aggressively and try to minimize or outright deny a claim. 

Determining Truck Accident Liability

Your main concern after a truck accident leaves you injured is recovering fair compensation for your damages and injuries. Losses you can pursue for compensation may include:


  • Lost wages and reduced capacity to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs (past and future)
  • Property damage


In some instances, liability could fall on both the trucking company and the driver. This fault could be in different forms and will require you to pursue them separately. A truck accident attorney will prove invaluable in situations where multiple parties are liable for your injuries. Not only can they handle the frustrating negotiation style of the carrier’s insurance, but they won’t allow these corporations to minimize your damages and unfairly compensate you.

Liability of the Truck Driver and Company

Trying to determine the extent of your injuries and long-term wellbeing will depend on a thorough investigation of your accident and indisputable evidence to support your claim. You should not attempt to represent your case alone. Work with a skilled California trucking accident attorney. They will help determine what your injuries are worth and not stop until the insurer, carrier, or driver compensates you fairly for your trauma. 

Personal injury lawsuits against trucking companies may be a result of violation or noncompliance with federal or local laws unknown to you, which highlights the need for legal support. This type of finding can strengthen your claim even more and could potentially implicate both the driver and the carrier as negligent.

File Your Truck Accident Injury Claim With the Help of an Experienced Attorney

As you have read, semi-truck accidents that result in injuries, loss, and other damages, need a highly qualified attorney that knows what investigations need to take place before initiating a claim. Evidence plays a crucial role in forcing the at-fault parties and their insurance to take responsibility and fairly compensate you. You deserve to make a full recovery after any losses suffered because of a truck driver’s mistake.

As members of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and Consumer Attorneys Association of Beverly Hills, our truck accident attorney is trusted to handle a range of personal injury cases. Your case is unique, and your struggles are real, which is why we stop at nothing to restore peace of mind.

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