Motorcycle riders are known for living on the edge. They live on the edge, but they do so safely. Seasoned riders understand the importance of being safe for themselves and those around them. Motorcyclists can continue to enjoy their motorcycle rides only if they are healthy and alive to ride. Seasoned riders recommend putting your safety first, and they swear by the following eight safety tips.

8 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders

Seasoned riders understand that they share the road with others, and they recognize the importance of keeping everyone safe. Motorcycle riders practice these safety tips so that they can protect themselves and continue to enjoy living on the edge.

Wear Bright Clothing 

Black and brown clothing may look cool, but it is not going to make you visible. Visibility is vital for preventing motorcyclists from having an accident. Wearing bright colors will help others on the road to see you. If they see you, then they can avoid a collision with you.

Wear Gloves That Fit

Your gloves must fit because they affect your grip. If your gloves are too big or too small, they may prevent you from gripping your handles well. Being unable to grip your handles properly increases the risk of an accident.

Never Ride Tired

Riding a motorcycle requires focus and attention to detail. Riding tired affects your focus. The recommendation is to stop every 75 to 125 miles. It is important to know your limits and respect them. Never push yourself to ride when tired. You should stop and rest.

Watch Your Turns

When making a turn, especially a tight turn, it is essential to pay attention to your grip on the clutch. Using all clutch or no clutch at all can lead to tipping your bike over when making the turn. As you turn, feather your clutch for the right amount of momentum.

Have an Escape Route 

When coming to a stop, always observe traffic around you. Leave plenty of room to switch lanes or move if necessary. You should stay in gear and be ready to respond to any movement from other motorists or pedestrians around you.

Ride with People You Trust

The motorcycle friends you ride with are critical to your comfort and safety. Beginners should gravitate toward more seasoned riders who can show them how to have fun and remain safe. Your fellow riders should always ride soberly, cautiously, and with the ability to handle any situation on the ride. This could include bad weather or other reckless motorists.

Steer Clear of Semi-Trucks

You are significantly smaller than a semi-truck when you are riding a motorcycle, which means the truck driver may have difficulty seeing you. If you find yourself next to a semi-truck and cannot move away, make sure to remain in the driver’s line of vision. Alert them to your presence until you can move away. Driving by a semi-truck may also cause wind turbulence that can be hard to manage.

Always Wear Your Helmet 

Your gear is crucial to your safety. Wearing your helmet at all times will help prevent injuries if there is a collision. You should ensure that your helmet has a proper snug fit and hook the harness properly into its socket before starting your ride.

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