Technological advances have made electric cars the newest addition to roadways all across the country. In fact, it has been reported that there are about 425,300 registered electric cars on the roads in California. While electric cars may be great for the environment and an exciting new form of transportation, are electric cars safer in collisions?

Setareh Law is a team of experienced car accident injury attorneys in California. Before you go out and purchase the newest edition of a Tesla, Nissan, or BMW electric car, you should consider how safe you and your loved ones will be if an accident does occur. 

What is the Measure of Safety for Electric Cars?

The measure of safety for any vehicle is calculated by considering the number and type of injuries sustained by passengers during a crash. An essential measure of the safety of a vehicle is how well it can protect passengers from side, front, and rear impact collisions. Crash results reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that electric cars performed as well as, or better than, gas-powered vehicles in side, front, and rear impact collisions. Electric cars’ measure of safety is stated to be not inherently unsafe. 

Is There a Flammability Concern for Electric Cars?

The batteries that power electric cars, lithium batteries, are highly flammable, which may cause concern for consumers purchasing these vehicles. The contents of lithium batteries may combust if they become overheated due to extended exposure to the wrong conditions. Additionally, the power cells within the batteries may short circuit if they become damaged, leading to a fire. 

While there is a concern for flammability with electric cars, the risk is much lower compared to vehicles using gasoline. Additionally, when lithium battery fires erupt in an electric car, the fire is typically contained in one area, whereas a gasoline fire may spread. 

Advances in Safety in Electric Cars

Electric cars are futuristic in and of themselves, so it is no surprise that the manufacturers consistently try to make the cars safer for passengers. To avoid the risk of flammability, some manufacturers are adding the following features to their electric cars:

  • An external aluminum plate to shield the battery from overheating
  • A layer of protection between where the batteries are located and where the passenger compartment is
  • Placing the battery compartment farther from where passengers are seated
  • Developing solid-state batteries that do not rely on flammable electrolytes to power them

As electric cars become more and more advanced, especially those that offer autonomous driving options, safety advancements may continue to grow. 

California Collision Injury Attorneys Are On Your Side

Electric cars are exciting and have many benefits, including the environmental benefits of cutting down on harmful gas emissions. While these vehicles may not be considered unsafe, there are still risks. If you are involved in an electric car collision, you may want to partner with an experienced collision attorney to help build your claim. 

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