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  • Legal Advocacy: Setareh Law assists pedestrians in California with personal injury cases, focusing on proving their right to financial support after accidents caused by others’ negligence, while managing all aspects of the claim process.
  • Evidence Collection: To establish liability in pedestrian accidents, evidence like videos, witness statements, and accident recreations are essential. Setareh Law gathers and analyzes this evidence to build a strong personal injury claim.
  • Expert Collaboration: Setareh Law leverages a network of professionals, including accident recreationists and medical experts, to strengthen cases with expert testimony, both for initial claims and potential civil trials.
  • Compensation Calculation: The firm assists in identifying and quantifying economic and non-economic damages such as healthcare costs, property damage, and lost wages, ensuring clients receive fair compensation.

If someone else’s negligence caused your recent pedestrian accident, let the Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers at Setareh Law know. Our team can step in and help you hold a reckless party accountable for your losses so that you can recover from your unexpected accident.

We prioritize our clients’ right to a straightforward recovery by continually advocating for clients’ right to maximized compensation. Our pedestrian accident attorneys also speaks Spanish so that we can reach and communicate with a broader audience. Setareh Law is here to protect your rights after a pedestrian accident.

Our Attorneys Can Prove Your Right to Legal Action

Pedestrians throughout California should benefit from an elevated duty of care when interacting with other parties on the road. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to keep pedestrians safe. Our pedestrian accident lawyers takes point while helping you build a personal injury case. While you focus on going to doctor’s appointments and getting back to work, we can build you a comprehensive claim arguing for your right to financial support. 

We Find Evidence of Negligence

Before you can demand compensation for pedestrian accident losses, you need to know who you can hold responsible for your recent accident. You need evidence to assign liability for a pedestrian accident. That evidence can take on a range of forms, including videos of the accident, statements from witnesses, and even accident recreations.

A Bakersfield pedestrian accident attorney can bring this evidence together and analyze it before compiling it into a personal injury claim. 

We Call on Our Professional Network to Develop Your Case

We have a robust network of professional connections, including accident recreationists and medical professionals, whom we can call in our effort to build your case. Those professional parties can serve as expert witnesses, contributing their opinions to your claim before you first submit it. We can later call on these parties to contribute their testimony to your civil trial should your case progress to that point. 

We Outline Your Right to Fair Compensation

Personal injury claims specifically help parties in your position recover the damages they need to get their lives back on track following a devastating accident. Before you can ask for support, though, you need to know the value of your pedestrian accident case. Your right to compensation hinges on your ability to prove that you endured specific losses as a result of someone else’s roadway negligence.

As long as you can bring forward evidence of the economic and non-economic losses you sustained, you can request a range of damages covering the following pedestrian accident losses:

  • Healthcare services
  • Property damage and restoration
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages or opportunities for work

pedestrian accident lawyer can step in and help you determine the value of your pedestrian accident case long before you file your claim with a California judge.

We Take Your Concerns Into Consideration

We understand that the legal process can seem overwhelming if you’ve never interacted with it before. Fortunately, our team takes your concerns about the process into account when building your claim. We can help you arrange settlement negotiations with a liable party after you file a pedestrian accident claim.

We can even request that you go to a bench trial instead of a jury trial if a liable party refuses to acknowledge their role in your pedestrian accident. You can discuss all of the options available to you with a pedestrian accident attorney ahead of time so you can determine what your best path forward looks like.

Working With an Attorney Makes it Easier for You to Recover From a Pedestrian Accident

We understand that taking legal action against an offending party can seem intimidating. Moreover, it may not be convenient, as the legal process demands a lot of time and energy from the people who use it.

That’s why you have our pedestrian accident lawyers in Bakersfield on your side. Our team allows you to get back to your day-to-day life without sacrificing your right to hold a negligent party financially accountable for your losses. A pedestrian accident attoreny will build your case and fight for you so you can focus on getting the medical care you need to restore your previous quality of life.

Let Setareh Law Represent Your Best Interests Today

Pedestrians like you deserve special attention from motorists, bicyclists, and other parties on the road. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected accident, don’t try to manage your recovery alone. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Setareh Law can help you demand fair compensation for your accident-related losses.

You can contact us online or call (310) 659-1826 to book a free personal injury case evaluation.

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