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December 8, 2023

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, there’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with the people you love. Summer, however, can invite recklessness. If you’re not careful while you’re out and about, you could get into an accident.

Some accidents are more common than others come summer. When you know which of these accidents is most likely to occur, though, you can take steps to avoid the dangers that come along with them. With that in mind, Setareh Law advises that you take precautionary steps to better avoid the accidents listed below.

Bicycle Accidents Can Occur Due to Increased Traffic

Whether you live in a bikeable city or want to go off-road, biking is a great way to stretch your legs. In some cases, biking can even reduce your carbon footprint as you go to and from the grocery store, your workplace, and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to danger as the weather warms up. You have to look out for more than cars while you’re on the road. You may find yourself involved in an accident with another bicyclist, too. While bicyclist-only accidents may not be as severe as accidents involving cars, you can still face financial and physical losses due to someone else’s negligence.

Pedestrian Accidents Can Result From Driving Negligence or Premises Neglect

Summer is one of the best times to stretch your legs. Whether you’re walking to and from a local shop or going on an extended hike, you can enjoy the warm weather and clear skies. Make sure you take appropriate precautions, though.

Pedestrians on the side of the road can fall victim to car accidents in the face of driver negligence. Even bicyclists can get into accidents with pedestrians. If the weather starts to turn, you may find yourself struggling to stay on your feet, particularly if the owner of the property you’re on hasn’t taken steps to mitigate nearby dangers.

Pedestrians are some of the least protected parties out and about this summer. While you can wear visible clothing and obey local laws, you can also hold your right to legal action close after an accident. Our Beverly Hills personal injury attorneys can help you pursue financial compensation for losses caused by someone else’s negligence.

Car Accidents Are More Common During Busy Summer Months

Even if gas prices are soaring, it’s still tempting to go on a road trip this summer. Whether you’re driving up the coast or heading away from the ocean, you need to be aware of how negligence may impact your summer plans. Drivers who don’t rest or who drive while distracted can cause a litany of accidents.

It’s not only personal vehicles that you have to watch out for, either. Truck drivers, rideshare drivers, and corporate-employed drivers can all cause accidents if they’re not paying attention to their surroundings. If you want to act after an accident involving these parties, you can work with a Beverly Hills car accident attorney to establish liability and hold not the individual driver, but entire institutions liable for your losses.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Occur Due to Driver Negligence

There is nothing so freeing as riding a motorcycle on a hot day in July. However, motorcyclists—like bicyclists—are very vulnerable to other people’s negligence. If a motorist doesn’t check for motorcyclists while changing lanes or pulling through an intersection, the resulting accident can see you to face severe losses.

Fortunately, there are steps motorcyclists can take to mitigate the risk of an accident. Defensive riding partnered with the use of approved protective gear limits the likelihood of an accident in the summer. 

That said, motorcyclists who ride without a helmet or appropriate gear may fall victim to comparative negligence policies. These policies can see injured parties held accountable for some of their own losses in an accident. If you want to take a motorcycle accident to court, you need to consider how comparative negligence may impact your right to compensation.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer for Help With Your Claim 

As the weather warms up, make sure you and your loved ones have the means to contend with common summer accidents. This is particularly relevant in Southern California, which Setareh Law is proud to serve; from San Diego, to Sacramento, to Pasadena, and beyond, you can work with our personal injury attorneys to address bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle, and car accidents. 

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