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In the great city of Sacramento, thousands of personal injury incidents occur every year. According to the law, personal injury victims or their loved ones have the right to file personal injury claims for compensation against the negligent party.

Typically, personal injury is accompanied by financial strain due to the surge in expenses and missed work days. Injuries also cause untold physical pain and emotional trauma to the victims. Receiving compensation is meant to help the victim’s financial losses and emotional distress. If you have sustained a personal injury where someone else was reckless, careless, negligent, or intentional, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers at Setareh Law may help you recover compensation from the liable parties so you can focus on healing. 

An Overview of the California Personal Injury Claims Process

A personal injury case involves a plaintiff who files a case against the defendant, alleging that the defendant’s negligent action or inaction caused them injury. An example of personal injury is when a speeding driver runs a red light and hits another car, therefore injuring the riders or other pedestrians in the process. In this case, speeding and running a red light are considered negligent acts, so the driver is liable for the accident. Other examples of personal injury are:

  • Driver refusing to give right-of-way to a motorcycle causing a collision
  • A store owner fails to put a “wet floor” or “slippery floor” warning, making a customer slip and fall
  • A dog attacking a passerby
  • Medical professionals operating the patient carelessly, causing further issues
  • Truck driver sleeping at the wheel due to fatigue and causing an accident=

You may have a case if you can prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries and other damages.

In most instances, personal injury cases are settled outside the court through an insurance settlement. The complainant may enter a negotiation with the insurance company to arrive at an amount both parties are comfortable with. In other scenarios, the plaintiff may decide that the insurance company isn’t compensating them as they would want and file for a lawsuit to be determined by the judge or jury.

During these negotiations or civil proceedings, claimants should partner with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer handle your case has many perks. Lawyers know the tactics that insurance companies use to shift as much unfounded blame as possible onto the plaintiff to persuade them to settle for less. Lawyers can make sure that you get the compensation you deserve and will work hard to protect your rights every step of the way.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Fight For You

The burden of proving liability against the defendant lies solely on the plaintiff. Having a lawyer on your side means that they can review, investigate, and compile all available evidence before filing your claim against the insurance or in court. Equipped with the information, the personal injury attorney may be able to prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care, violated this duty of care by acting negligently and that you suffered injuries as a result of this negligence. 

The breach of duty by the defendant is a significant factor in why you may have suffered these damages, meaning that your lawyer will work hard to secure your compensation as a result. 

Although, in some cases, both the plaintiff and the defendant may have played a role. In these circumstances, the pure comparative negligence rule still allows the plaintiff to demand compensation as long as the other party carries even a 1% of the fault. Call a California personal injury lawyer at Setareh Law firm today for a free case evaluation.

Personal Injury Compensation and Statutes

To calculate how much the plaintiff can be awarded, both economic and non-economic damages are considered. Economic damages, including medical expenses, lost income, and property damage, can easily be calculated using receipts and market value. Others, like pain and suffering, mental health conditions resulting from injury, permanent disfigurement, and wrongful death, are estimated depending on how serious the accident was.

You should note that personal injury cases in California should be filed within two years of it occurring. Exceptions are only given where a minor is involved or if the case is against a government entity. Nevertheless, if the victim discovers injury weeks or months after the accident, the two-year clock starts ticking at the time of discovery and not when the accident happened.

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Having to experience physical pain and emotional distress, coupled with the financial costs of treating injuries caused by another’s negligence, is hard to go through alone. Although compensation may not solve every issue introduced by the personal injury, the award brings a great sense of financial relief to the victim and the family. Partnering with one of our lawyers at Setareh Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Our compassionate and considerate Sacramento personal injury lawyers will do everything in their power to ensure your case results in the best possible outcome. Contact us online or call us at (310) 659-1826 to enjoy our free consultation and the contingency-based fee agreement. Our lawyers also speak Spanish. 

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