Restaurant owners owe anyone who comes onto their property a certain degree of protection. If you’re injured while at a restaurant, you can invoke that protection to help you contend with the bills that come along with your recovery.

That said, the nature of restaurant accidents can be difficult to hash out in court. Should you have questions about what your post-accident recovery should look like, you can bring your concerns to one of our lawyers. We can work within the means of your accident to help you build a civil case.

California Restaurants and Premises Liability

Accidents in California’s restaurants fall under the broader umbrella of “premises liability” accidents. Premises liability cases invoke the responsibilities restaurant owners owe to anyone who comes onto their property.

That said, restaurants can categorize visitors on their property in different ways. These categories include:

  • Invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers

So long as you are an invitee at the time your accident takes place, you can file a complaint against the restaurant for negligence. To be an invitee, you must be on a particular property with the intent of using its services as they were originally advertised.

Trespasser Rights at California Restaurants

Invitees and licensees in California’s restaurants both have more rights to protection than trespassers. That said, trespassers also benefit from a few accident protections throughout the state. No restaurant owner can take deliberately violent action against a trespasser on their property, or else they open themselves up to civil suits.

Similarly, children trespassing in a restaurant may be protected by the attractive negligence doctrine. This doctrine states that all property owners must take reasonable steps to keep their environments safe from wandering children. Those that don’t may face claims filed by an injured child’s parents.

How to File a Premises Liability Claim in California

If you want to file a premises liability claim after a restaurant accident, you need to gather evidence elaborating on your losses. More specifically, you and/or an attorney should investigate the scene of your accident for physical signs of negligence. You can also use video or photo evidence of your accident to prove that a restaurant owner bears the responsibility for your losses.

Once you have evidence on hand, you can use it to establish liability for your losses. Liability in a restaurant accident case usually falls on that restaurant’s owner. However, you shouldn’t name a party or institution liable for your losses unless you can prove a connection between them and your accident.

If you can use evidence to establish that aforementioned connection, all that’s left to do is indicate the value of your accident. You can do this by combining your economic losses, or billable losses, with your non-economic damages. Our team can help you calculate your non-economic damages and present evidence supporting your estimated compensation, if necessary.

California’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

You have a limited amount of time to act if you want to pursue a civil claim for a restaurant injury in California. CCP § 335.1 lets you take two years from the day your accident occurs to bring your claim before a county clerk.

California institutes this deadline to keep its civil courts from getting backed up with cases addressing accidents that occurred years ago. If you’re not able to bring your claim forward within this amount of time, you may waive your right to restaurant accident compensation.

Discuss Restaurant Injury Compensation With Our Team

When you visit a restaurant as a guest, that restaurant has to offer you a degree of service and protection. If a restaurant fails to uphold these protections, you and other injured loved ones may be entitled to compensation.

You can bring restaurant injury losses to the team with Setareh Law today. We’re available to discuss the extent of your injury and how you might pursue a civil suit in response. Call today at (310) 659-1826 or fill out our contact form for more information about our services. We also speak Spanish.