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February 9, 2022

Boating accidents can be dangerous. They can also cause serious damages and injuries, some of which might last forever. The most common injuries associated with boating accidents include head trauma and neck injuries. Below is some information on those and other injuries that might happen to you as a result of a boating accident in southern California.

5 Common Boating Accident Injuries

Here are some of the most common boating accident injuries people suffer from:

Injuries to the Head and Neck

A boating accident can cause the person to hit their head and cause a brain injury. This type of injury is serious and might result in permanent damage to the skull and brain. Injuries to the neck can also happen as a result of a boating accident. These injuries are serious, can affect your ability to breathe, swallow, or speak, and may require surgery. In some cases, these injuries are fatal, even with immediate medical attention.

Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt force trauma is a very serious and painful injury. It can lead to severe bleeding and swelling, and it can also cause nerve damage, stroke, paralysis, and death. Blunt force trauma is not always an injury caused by a collision with another object. It could also be an accidental fall that causes you to hit your head or neck on something hard like the side of your boat.


The bones in your body might crack or break during a boating accident. This can be a pretty serious injury and can make it hard to move normally. If this happens, you may need surgery or therapy to help fix the fracture. If you’re not able to get proper treatment for broken bones, it’s possible that they could heal improperly and leave you with permanent damage.

Sudden Loss of Consciousness and Drowning

This type of injury may occur when you lose consciousness in a boat due to the boat capsizing or hitting something. It’s possible to drown with this injury as well if you don’t receive immediate medical attention. This type of injury is very serious and can result in death.

Eye Injuries

A boating accident can cause a number of eye injuries, such as corneal abrasions and lacerations. If you or someone you’re with has been in a boating accident, it is important to get medical treatment immediately. In many cases, eye sight can be preserved with immediate emergency medical attention.

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