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A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Dog bite victims in Pasadena, California, can seek legal assistance from Setareh Law to hold negligent dog owners accountable in civil court, securing financial support for injury-related expenses.
  • After a dog bite, immediate medical attention is crucial for health and creating a record for compensation claims. Victims should also obtain the dog owner’s information, which can be facilitated by attorneys if necessary.
  • Victims have options for financial support through insurance or legal action, with the latter requiring proof of owner negligence. Consulting with a dog bite attorney can clarify these options without committing to immediate legal action.
  • Dog bite claims can provide compensation for medical bills, property damage, and non-economic damages like stress and trauma. Setareh Law assists in maximizing compensation and navigating legal procedures within the statute of limitations.

In an ideal world, you would be able to trust any dog that you came into contact with. Unfortunately, combinations of dogs’ poor temperament and owners’ negligence can cause you to suffer injuries as a result of someone else’s oversights. If you find yourself contending with a dog bite after being attacked unprovoked, what can you do to recover?

Dog bite attorneys in Pasadena, California, can help you bring a negligent owner before a civil judge. The civil process can help you secure the financial support you need to pay any bills related to your injury care. You can reach out to our Setareh Law today to book a free case evaluation where you can learn more about our experience as well as the services we offer dog bite survivors like you. 

What to Do After Suffering a Dog Bite

If you find yourself unsure of how to contend with your dog bite injury, you can take a few steps to not only address your medical concerns but to get your life back on track. These can include the following: 

Get Essential Medical Attention

Health and safety should be your first priority following a dog bite accident. While you may not need to call emergency responders, it is in your best interest to get to the emergency room as soon as you can. Likewise, make sure you inform your general practitioner that you’ve been in an accident with a dog and that you may need shots or additional care.

The sooner you get the medical treatment you need to get your life back on track, the better. Not only can this treatment make you feel physically better, but it helps you establish a paper trail addressing the severity of your injuries. You can later use that paper trail to outline your right to compensation for your losses either with an insurance provider or in civil court.

Assign Someone to Get a Dog Owner’s Information

You may not be in the state to get the liable dog owner’s information while contending with the aftermath of a dog bite. If possible, assign someone to get this information for you. You should walk away from an accident with a dog owner’s name, contact information, phone number, and insurance information.

If you don’t get this information on the scene, don’t worry. Dog bite lawyers in Pasadena can reach out to the liable party and remain in contact with them as you decide how you want to progress with your recovery.

Discuss Your Legal Options

There is a chance that a relevant insurance provider may have the means to offer you financial support in the wake of your accident. However, you may also have the right to civil action, provided that you meet the state’s burden of proof indicating that negligence led to your dog bite accident.

You can meet with a dog bite attorney ahead of time without committing to legal action. Rather, an initial case of evaluation with an experienced personal injury lawyer lets you know what services you might benefit from in your efforts to recover from a dog bite.

Dog Bite Claims Can Win You Compensation for Your Losses

As mentioned, the primary reason many victims choose to pursue dog bite compensation for their losses is because this compensation can help them pay for their accident-related bills. Also, if you suffered any property damage in your accident, the compensation you can win in a civil trial may help you replace damaged items.

What’s more, personal injury claims addressing dog bites allow you to request non-economic damages based on the stress and trauma you now have to contend with. You can work with our dog bite lawyers to determine the dollar value of these non-economic losses before integrating them into your final complaint. 

You can count on our team to continually find ways to maximize the compensation you have the right to after a dog bite accident. 

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Don’t let the statute of limitations on your dog bite accident case expire. If you want to hold a negligent owner accountable for their failure to control their dog, you need to act quickly. Dog bite attorneys in Pasadena at Setareh Law can help you bring together the evidence you need to establish a violated duty of care before a civil judge.

Our efforts can help you secure the compensation you need to pay any bills related to your post-accident care. If you’re ready for a free case evaluation, you can reach out to our team at (310) 659-1826 or contact us through our website. We also speak Spanish.

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