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A Brief Summary of the Following Article 

  • California law allows for compensation in wrongful death cases. Setareh Law provides guidance and support, ensuring grieving families have space while also navigating legal processes for justice and financial recovery.
  • Grieving is crucial, and Setareh Law respects clients’ need for space. We advise on steps towards recovery, including exploring insurance claims and outlining rights to civil action, guiding clients through complex legal and emotional landscapes.
  • Building a strong wrongful death claim requires meeting California’s burden of proof and calculating potential compensation. Options include negotiating a settlement or going to trial, with Setareh Law assisting in evaluating case value and preparing for legal proceedings.
  • Time is critical in wrongful death claims, with a two-year deadline under California law. Setareh Law helps clients manage legal deadlines amidst grief, operating on a contingency basis, allowing families to focus on emotional recovery.

You don’t have to force yourself to rapidly recover from the sudden loss of a loved one. You and your family deserve space to grieve. At the same time, though, laws in California give you the right to demand fair compensation for the losses that your loved one wrongfully endured.

You can work with our wrongful death lawyers at Setareh Law to hold negligent parties accountable for you and your family’s recovery. Justice found in the civil court system can help you get your life back on track again. Setareh Law stands ready to help you navigate the civil process with as little stress as possible. 

What to Do After a Loved One’s Wrongful Passing

No one’s grieving process looks the same as someone else’s. You have the right to recover however you like. With that being said, there are some steps you can take that can specifically guide you toward a more productive recovery. 


First and foremost, give yourself the space you need to grieve. Forcing yourself to work while refusing to contend with strong emotions tends to do more harm than good. This is even the case when you are considering legal action against an offending party.

Our wrongful death attorneys understand that parties in your position often need space and time to recover while or before taking legal action. We want to give you that grace so you can properly celebrate the life of a loved one who you lost too soon.

Explore Opportunities to File Insurance Claims

Once you feel like you’re back on your feet again, you can explore what immediately may allow you to financially stabilize. For example, the accident that caused your loved one’s death may entitle you to file an insurance claim.

The semantics of this process are tricky, as you may not know whether or not you have the right to represent a loved one by filing an insurance claim in their name. That’s why our team recommends that you have a conversation with one of our wrongful death lawyers in Pasadena. We can walk you through what right to an insurance claim you have and make it easier for you to communicate your concerns and desires with an insurance claims adjuster.

Outline Your Right to Civil Action

Your loved one’s unexpected passing may similarly entitle you to take civil action against the party responsible for their death. While civil action will not see the offending party criminally punished, the process can force them to pay you for damages that both you and your loved one incurred due to their negligence.

You can schedule a free case evaluation with a wrongful death attorney before you know whether or not you want to move forward with civil action.

How to Build a Strong Wrongful Death Claim

If you want to move a wrongful death claim forward, make sure you have the evidence to do so. You must meet California’s burden of proof if you want to argue that another party owes you compensation for a loved one’s wrongful death. Without that evidence, the defendant may deny your accusations before you have the opportunity to demand the compensation you deserve.

What’s more, you and your lawyer can calculate the possible value of your case ahead of time. There are a few different ways you can go into civil proceedings. You can go into this process either with the intent to negotiate for a settlement or the intent to go to trial. Either way, knowing the total value of your loved one’s losses and your losses can help you more effectively argue for the maximum possible wrongful death compensation.

Stay On Top of Your Filing Deadlines

California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1 limits the amount of time in which rightful representatives can bring wrongful death claims forward in California civil courts. You have no more than two years to investigate your loved one’s death, file a complaint, and then submit that complaint to a civil judge.

Unfortunately, those severe deadlines can prove challenging to meet if you are contending with monumental grief. That’s why our team recommends that you work with one of our Pasadena wrongful death attorneys for representation throughout the legal process. Our team keeps you on top of your deadlines and allows you the space to grieve.

Contact Setareh Law Today For Help With Your Pasadena Wrongful Death Claim

While you have the right to represent your own best interests when going to civil court, it’s best to partner with professional legal assistance. If you’re concerned about the cost of legal representation, rest easy knowing our team operates on contingency. We will not charge you for our representation while your case is in progress. Even then, we only get paid if we win your wrongful death case.

What can our team do for you in the meantime? Setareh Law can help you prioritize your emotional recovery without sacrificing your right to legal action. Let our wrongful death lawyers investigate your losses and build the complaint you need to hold a negligent party accountable for a loved one’s death. You can contact us online or call us at (310) 659-1826 to learn more. We also speak Spanish.

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