As PTSD Awareness Month approaches, it is important to acknowledge all of the people who have to contend with this condition on a daily basis. Veterans and active-duty soldiers pair easily with the public’s understanding of PTSD. However, victims of school shootings, car accidents, and other traumatic events are just as likely to show symptoms of this condition.

PTSD Awareness Month both improves the public’s understanding of PTSD and allows survivors to find resources to address their condition. Some of the best resources available to anyone enduring PTSD symptoms are listed below.

National Center for PTSD

There is no one way to treat PTSD, and the National Center for PTSD knows it. The center doesn’t only advocate for people contending with PTSD. It also creates awareness about the different approaches survivors can take when addressing their PTSD symptoms. 

As such, the center’s website offers all survivors the opportunity to research cognitive behavior therapists, explore possible medical treatments, and connect with their peers. It also includes a database of treatment recommendations for medical professionals.

The National Center for PTSD has dozens of locations around the United States. As a result, the center is one of the most accessible PTSD-focused institutions available for use by veterans and other survivors. 

Anxiety and Depression Association of America Webinars

Many healthcare professionals believe there is a significant overlap between PTSD, anxiety, and depression. That is why the Anxiety and Depression Association of America makes a litany of resources available to any parties interested in seeking treatment for PTSD.

One such resource includes the Association’s webinar series. This series, hosted by several mental health experts, allows individuals contending with PTSD to learn more about their condition and available treatments. The Association also offers an annual conference and newsletter to parties interested in connecting with other PTSD survivors.

American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress approaches PTSD from a variety of professional angles. The professionals affiliated with the Academy provide interested parties with a library’s worth of resources discussing the root of PTSD and viable treatment options. 

Moreover, these professionals can help connect survivors with the staff who can draft treatment plans designed for maximum healing. The duality of the Academy’s interest in awareness and treatment makes it an ideal institution for parties interested in exploring new ways to address their PTSD.

PTSD Anonymous

PTSD Anonymous is a program run by veterans but meant to help people from all walks of life address their PTSD. The group advocates for thoughtful PTSD awareness, community support, and the use of comprehensive PTSD treatment resources as group members age.

While PTSD Anonymous is not a clinical program, participants can be paired with mentors who have undergone similar traumatic experiences. You can work together to find the coping mechanisms and treatments that can make your PTSD more manageable.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Address the Cause of Your PTSD in Court

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a body’s natural response to highly traumatic experiences. If you have PTSD, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You can use these resources, among others, to both address the losses triggering your condition and treat your ongoing symptoms.

In some cases, PTSD constitutes a non-economic loss in today’s civil cases. If you have evidence tying your PTSD back to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, our California personal injury attorneys at Setareh Law can advocate on your behalf. 

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