Car accidents happen every day. It’s estimated that about five million car accidents happen in the US each year. To make it worse, there are no set guidelines to help people understand when they should go to the emergency room after getting in a car accident. So, what should you do?

The answer is not always clear-cut. Some injuries will require immediate medical attention while others can wait. Here are some general guidelines that may help you understand when to go to the emergency room right after an accident.

When You Should Go to the Emergency Room

If you were in a car accident, it is always best to go to the emergency room. You may be asking yourself, “Why?”

Injuries from car accidents are not always easy to see. In some cases, injuries are not noticeable until hours later. If you think you may have been injured, going to the emergency room is the fastest way to get medical treatment and prevent injuries from getting worse.

The most important thing is to understand what emergency care means to you. Is it seeking assistance for any injury, regardless of severity? Is it going to the emergency room after a violent accident? What do you need in order to feel safe and protected after an accident? It’s important that you have clear expectations about what constitutes emergency care in your mind.

Check for Injury and Pain after the Accident

First, check for any injuries following the accident. If you’re hurt, even if it doesn’t hurt that bad, go to the emergency room. You never know if there are worse injuries that may be hiding.

Second, recognize your pain after the accident. If you have severe pain anywhere on your body after the accident, go to the emergency room immediately. This will allow doctors to help relieve some of your pain and figure out what’s going on with you.

Finally, look for bleeding following an accident. Bleeding can lead to severe internal damage or death, so make sure to attend to any bleeding as soon as possible by preventing it from spreading or worsening.

If your accident is life-threatening, you should go to the emergency room. A serious accident can lead to hidden injuries. Although you may feel fine, you may have been injured without knowing it. If the damage to your car is extensive, it is better to go to the hospital and get checked out than it is to assume that you are fine.

Do You Need Specialized Treatment?

If you are not sure if you need specialized treatment, call 911 to get an evaluation. If the accident is serious enough, you might require immediate medical attention.

Anyone that has a pre-existing medical condition should also seek emergency care. At best, you are not injured, and getting checked out won’t hurt. Otherwise, you can get the specialized help that you need.

If you’re in an accident, it’s important to understand when to go to the emergency room right after the incident. Going to the hospital right after an accident is important for your health and safety, but not all injuries will need immediate attention.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in California

After a car accident, it’s not always easy to know when to go to the ER. Many people believe you should always go in for treatment. But, in reality, not every injury is serious enough to warrant an emergency visit.

If you experience symptoms, were in a severe accident, or you are unsure of what to do, be safe and go to the hospital. Your health and safety are more important than anything else. Once you receive medical treatment, you can start to explore your legal options and contact an auto accident lawyer. Contact Setareh Law at (310) 659-1826 or by filling out the contact form to schedule a free consultation. We also speak Spanish.