Each year, more than 680,000 hit and run accidents occur. A hit and run car accident is when a driver hits another vehicle or a pedestrian and flees the scene without exchanging information. More often than not, hit and run car accidents occur because the individual at fault doesn’t want to be held liable for the accident or they currently have other charges against them. If you’re involved in a hit-and-run, we recommend following these five steps.

In a Hit and Run, Stay Where You Are

If another car hits you and leaves the scene of the accident, you might be tempted to chase after them. Chasing the other car, however, is one of the worst decisions you can make if you’re involved in a hit-and-run. When you leave the scene of a car accident, you take the evidence with you, which makes it difficult to determine fault. Likewise, it’s important to be seen by a medical professional at the scene of the accident to rule out or treat any serious injuries you might have sustained.

Notify the Police After an Accident

Once you’ve collected yourself and made sure everyone in your vehicle is okay, notify the police immediately. Filing a police report is especially important in a hit-and-run case because they need to gather witness statements regarding what the other car and driver looked like. This information will help them catch the liable driver and make it more likely for you to recover money for medical bills and property damage.

Take Pictures of the Car Accident

If you’re able to get out of your car safely, it’s always recommended that you take pictures of the car accident scene. Pictures help document what the car accident looked like and capture important details you might not remember. Taking pictures on your cell phone is a great idea because you can easily send them to your car insurance company.

File an Insurance Claim After an Accident

Perhaps the most important thing to do after a hit-and-run accident is to call your insurance company to file an accident claim. Your insurance company will get the ball rolling on an investigation into your car accident case so you can find who is responsible and work to recover compensation. If law enforcement and your insurance company are unable to determine who caused the car accident, it’s likely your car insurance policy should cover at least some of the costs you accrued from the accident.

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