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Driving is how most people travel from wherever they need to go. Much of California’s infrastructure is centered around cars, so drivers must know and care about operating a vehicle safely. Despite most people’s efforts to get to their destination safely, laws and driver’s education aren’t enough to keep people from being careless behind the wheel. Car accidents are still a common occurrence. 

Any vehicle on the road is susceptible to getting into an accident, causing numerous injuries and thousands of dollars in property damage. Whether minor or severe, car accidents have various consequences, some of which can be tragic. It’s challenging to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident. Consider relying on an Anaheim car accident lawyer from Setareh Law Firm with experience who can represent you in court, negotiate with insurance, and fight for you to receive maximum compensation.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been in a Car Accident in Anaheim?

Car accidents are frightening to experience. The potential for property damage and injury is enough to get your heart racing. In addition to that fear, car accident victims must also worry about the fallout of their accident. Dealing with the fallout of a car accident can be stressful.

After a car accident, drivers are often legally required to perform certain actions. California has specific requirements for residents who are involved in a vehicle collision. You should adhere to the law and take measures to protect yourself and facilitate the insurance claim or personal injury claim process. 

Pullover Out of the Way of Traffic

You must come to a complete stop if you are involved in a collision, or else you might be charged with a hit-and-run and face serious penalties. If no one is hurt or killed, move your car off the road or highway. A peace officer or authorized employee may have your car taken and impounded if you do not relocate it or remove it from the street or highway.

Call Emergency Services

Call emergency services right away. You must report the accident to the police, and if anyone is injured, they will need medical services. Once an officer is at the scene, you must show them your license, registration, evidence of financial responsibility, and current address.

Report the Accident to the Police

If anybody is killed or wounded and law enforcement is not present at the site, report the collision in writing to the police or California Highway Patrol (CHP) right away. If the driver is physically unable to report the incident to the police or CHP, any person in the car at the time of the collision must do so on the driver’s behalf.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

You should get the other driver’s information before leaving the scene. Be careful when exchanging information with the at-fault driver and their insurance company. If you share more than what’s necessary, you may risk harming your claim by giving them the information they can use against you.

Hire a Knowledgeable Anaheim Car Accident Lawyer

If there is more than $1,000 in property damage or anyone is injured or killed, you or your insurance agent, broker, or legal representative must report the collision to DMV by completing a Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California (Form SR-1) within ten days.

In addition to helping you resolve everything you’re legally required to do, an experienced Anaheim car accident attorney can represent you in fighting to recover compensation. Insurance and personal injury claims are much easier to handle when working with an experienced car accident lawyer. Your claims are also more likely to succeed and reflect the actual value of your damages.

How Is Liability Determined in Car Accident Case?

When it comes to assessing liability in auto accidents, California is a fault-based state, meaning they operate under pure comparative negligence laws. Under pure comparative negligence, the amount of damages that a plaintiff can recover is reduced according to the plaintiff’s proportion of fault in the accident. So, even if a plaintiff is partially at fault for an accident, they can still receive some compensation. Since California’s comparative negligence law is “pure”, a plaintiff could be found chiefly responsible for the collision and still recover damages.

What Injuries Can I Sustain in an Anaheim Car Accident?

With any collision, there is a high chance that you will sustain some injury. Just as car accidents can range from minor to catastrophic, car accident injuries can range in seriousness depending on the accident’s severity. The site of impact, vehicle speed, accident location, and more contribute to what injuries you could sustain in your accident.

Car accident victims typically experience the following types of injuries:

  • Connective tissue damage like whiplash
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Scrapes, scratches, and cuts
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Car accident injuries can have long-lasting consequences that often impact other areas of your life. Millions of people lose their lives each year due to injuries sustained in car accidents. Even if you feel okay immediately after your collision, the true nature of your accident injuries may not become apparent until you obtain medical attention. A medical evaluation soon after your accident could save your life and be beneficial should you seek to recover damages.

Hire a Reliable Anaheim Car Accident Lawyer to Evaluate Your Case

Car accidents can cause you an undue amount of stress and financial hardship. Also, they often lead to significant life issues, such as losing income due to missing work. It would be unfair for you to suffer this financial burden because of someone else’s negligent driving practices. A skilled Anaheim car accident lawyer can help you secure compensation to relieve you of this burden.

Anaheim residents can rely on Setareh Law Firm to evaluate their case properly and help them pursue the maximum payout for their car accident case. With a reputation for compassionate service, Daniel Setareh is prepared to provide his clients with quality representation. Mr. Setareh and his legal consultants have recovered more than $70 million for his clients. They have proven themselves to be dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome for their clients.

Our Anaheim car accident lawyers will offer expert legal representation for auto accident cases. With a proven track record of success and compassionate client support, trust their experienced team to fight for your rights and fair compensation. Schedule a free consultation with our Anaheim personal injury attorneys today by calling (310) 659-1826 or submitting a contact form. We also speak Spanish.

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