Anaheim Wrongful Death Lawyer

Anaheim Wrongful Death Lawyer

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  • Eligibility: In California, wrongful death claims are primarily filed by the deceased’s domestic partner, spouse, children, or intestate successors, such as siblings or their children. These parties have the right to take legal action on behalf of the deceased.
  • Compensation: Claimants can demand compensation for both non-economic and economic losses, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, healthcare costs, and funeral expenses.
  • Liability Proof: To establish liability in a wrongful death case, evidence such as bystander statements and expert witness testimony is crucial. This helps meet the burden of proof required under California law.
  • Legal Support: Setareh Law offers comprehensive legal assistance, and this support is vital for grieving families, allowing you to focus on personal matters while our legal team handles the complexities of the case.

California allows its residents to pursue wrongful death cases following the untimely and avoidable death of a loved one. These cases allow you to demand fair compensation for the losses you and your deceased loved one wrongfully endured. That compensation can help you and your family address your loved one’s post-life bills as well as your personal financial stress.

Our wrongful death lawyers at Setareh Law in Anaheim have decades of experience fighting for clients’ rights to financial support. Don’t let the statute of limitations on your loved one’s case expire. If you’re ready to take your fight for support to court, our personal injury lawyers can help.

What Accidents Can Cause Someone’s Wrongful Death?

Nearly every accident that falls under the umbrella of personal injury can cause someone’s wrongful death. Wrongful death cases universally stem from deliberate or accidental negligence that results in the endangerment of someone otherwise protected by a duty of care. 

Some of the most common causes of wrongful deaths include car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability, and motorcycle accidents. A wrongful death attorney can help you determine the specifics of the accident that led to your loved one’s passing so that you get the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

There are only a few parties who can take action on behalf of the deceased in California. The first right to action goes to the deceased domestic partner, spouse, or children. After that, state law allows an intestate successor, or person who may be entitled to the deceased property, to pursue legal action.

Intestate succession usually allows parties like the deceased’s siblings or their children to pursue legal action on their behalf. If you fill one of these roles, you can meet with a wrongful death lawyer in Anaheim to discuss the process of filing your claim. 

What Financial Support Can You Receive After Filing a Wrongful Death Claim?

As you can prove you can file a wrongful death case, you can demand compensation for both non-economic and economic losses tied to your loved one’s passing. Your Anaheim wrongful death attorney will help you protect your rights to any damages following the accident. The losses you can integrate into a loved one’s wrongful death claim can include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Lost opportunities to return to work
  • Property damage
  • Healthcare, including hospice
  • Funeral expenses

The wrongful death lawyer in Anaheim can help you outline your right to comprehensive compensation before you go to trial. Our efforts can make it simpler for you to demand the financial support you deserve regardless of the liable party’s attempts to minimize your losses.

How Can You Prove Someone Liable for a Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

If you want to hold a specific party financially responsible for a loved one’s wrongful death, you have an obligation to bring forward evidence of that person’s involvement in your loved one’s fatal accident. Our team of wrongful death attorney will work with you to find evidence in order to build a case for your loved one’s passing, including anything from physical debris to bystander statements.

We can also call on our professional network to bring expert witnesses onto your case. These witnesses may include medical professionals and accident recreationists. Once we have the evidence we need to meet California’s burden of proof, we can help you move your case forward to either negotiations or trial. 

How Can Attorneys Help Build Your Case?

You are not obligated to work with a wrongful death lawyer in Anaheim if you want to demand fair compensation for a loved one’s death. However, representing yourself in the wake of a loved one’s passing often proves too emotionally challenging for most people. Fortunately, experienced wrongful death attorney know how to balance the life-changing nature of wrongful death grief with the need to go to court.

Our team allows you to protect yourself from any evidence or conversations that might re-traumatize you in the wake of a loved one’s passing. We take over an investigation into the circumstances that led to your loved one’s death. This way, you can work with your family to arrange a funeral and grieve your loved one’s passing on your own time.

We can discuss the specifics of the services we offer with you and your loved ones during a free wrongful death case evaluation. 

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Your family deserves justice in the face of a loved one’s wrongful death. While we know that no amount of money can ever bring back your loved one, a wrongful death attoreny from Setareh Law is here to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. 

Contact us and our wrongful death lawyer in Anaheim to secure representation as you pursue compensation for your loved one’s losses. You can call our office at (310) 659-1826 or reach out to our team through our contact form. Our team also speaks Spanish.

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