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  • Setareh Law assists dog bite victims in Fresno by helping them seek fair compensation through civil court for changes in their quality of life and injuries caused by a dog owner’s negligence.
  • In California, dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs, regardless of the dog’s past behavior. Setareh Law helps victims understand their rights and explores options for holding dog owners accountable, even in complex liability situations.
  • Dog bite victims can file insurance claims against the dog owner’s policy, but may face challenges from insurers. Setareh Law aids in mediating with insurers and appealing denied claims, ensuring clients receive the coverage they deserve.
  • Setareh Law provides comprehensive legal support for dog bite cases, including investigation, representation, and mediation, to ensure clients receive the compensation needed for recovery. They offer free case evaluations and guide clients through the civil claim process.

Recovering from a dog bite accident can be an overwhelming experience. While a Fresno dog bite attorney can’t heal your injuries or make you comfortable around dogs again, we can help you win the fair compensation you need to pay for any changes in your quality of life. Our team can prioritize your efforts to take a liable owner to civil court.

The process of filing for damages can seem intimidating if you’ve never interacted with California civil courts before. With that being said, you have the opportunity to elaborate on the nature of your accident and advocate for your right to financial support due to someone else’s unchecked negligence. Setareh Law and our dog bite lawyers are here to ensure you get the justice you deserve. 

Assigning Liability for a Dog Bite Accident

California operates on a strict understanding of dog owner negligence. It does not matter whether or not a dog has exhibited violent behavior in the past. The first time a dog bites somebody, that owner needs to assume liability for their dog’s bad behavior.

In general, this means that you will automatically assume the right to hold a dog owner accountable for any injuries you endured due to their dog’s bad behavior. The only time you may lose that right is when you trespass on someone else’s property or you bear some of the fault for your own accident.

If you’re struggling to determine whether or not you have the right to hold a dog owner liable for injuries recently received, consider scheduling a free case evaluation with the dog bite lawyers in Fresno at Setareh Law. Our team can help investigate the circumstances that led to your accident and advise you to act accordingly. 

How to Get Compensation for Dog Bite Losses

If you want to secure compensation for dog bite losses, you can take a few different approaches to your efforts. These can include the following:

File an Insurance Claim

There is a chance that a dog owner will have the insurance they need to provide you with some financial support immediately following your accident. So, you may have to file a claim with the relevant insurance provider to get the support you need. Even then, the provider may attempt to deny you the coverage you deserve.

If you find yourself contending with a bad faith insurance provider, let the dog bite attorneys at Setareh Law know. Our team can step in, mediate between you and the provider, and even help you appeal the night claims. We may additionally help you take legal action against an insurance provider that refuses to acknowledge the validity of your losses.

Go to Civil Court

One of the most straightforward ways to get compensation for your losses following a dog by accident is to take your losses before a judge. You have the right to file a personal injury claim detailing the nature of your accident and what negligence led to your economic and non-economic losses.

Filing a civil claim does not necessarily obligate you to pursue a dog by trial. Rather, your need to pursue a trial will depend on whether or not the dog owner cooperates with your request for accident-related damages. Cooperative dog owners may meet you for private settlement negotiations and resolve your needs outright, while uncooperative ones may have to go before a judge before they pay you.

What to Expect When You Work With an Attorney

Dog bite lawyers are your advocates in the face of owner negligence. You can turn to our team for any manner of services, including investigative outreach, representation in and out of court, and help communicating with insurance providers. We can even mediate between you and a liable dog owner to ensure that your conversations remain as civil as possible.

We offer parties in your position the opportunity to sign up for a free case evaluation before you commit to legal action. A consultation does not commit you to a case. Rather, it gives us the chance to introduce ourselves, outline our experience with cases like yours, and discuss what specific needs you may need to restore your previous quality of life. 

Our Team at Setareh Law Stands Ready to Represent Your Best Interests

You are under no obligation to take a dog bite case to civil court without appropriate representation. Instead of trying to untangle civil law yourself, consider getting in touch with a dog bite attorney in Fresno. Setareh Law can guide you through the process of filing a civil claim so that you can fight for the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Reach out to our team by calling (310) 659-1826 or contacting us online before your statute of limitations expires. Our team is prepared to meet you at any point to discuss your right to maximum compensation. We also speak Spanish.

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