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  • Fresno wrongful death attorneys at Setareh Law provide legal assistance to those seeking compensation for a loved one’s untimely death, ensuring clients receive damages without compromising their privacy and personal grief.
  • Monetary compensation, while not replacing the loss, can aid in the recovery process, with Setareh Law guiding clients through both emotional and financial recovery, including post-death care and legal options.
  • The firm advises on the emotional and practical aspects of pursuing civil court action, noting that only certain relatives or those entitled under intestate succession can legally represent the deceased in California.
  • Setareh Law prioritizes clients’ grief, offering to represent their interests in investigating the accident and securing compensation, thus allowing clients to focus on personal healing and recovery.

The wrongful death attorneys in Fresno want to give you the tools you need to hold a negligent party accountable for your loved one’s unexpected passing. If you don’t feel up to getting the compensation you deserve on your own, our team can step in and make sure that you have every opportunity to get the damages you are owed.

Setareh Law’s efforts can help you get comprehensive compensation from a liable party. That compensation can subsequently cover a loved one’s funeral expenses and other postmortem costs. With our wrongful death lawyer on your side, you can fight for that fair compensation without compromising your right to privacy and personal grief. 

How to Recover From a Loved One’s Wrongful Death

While no manner of money nor community can replace the hole that’s left in your life by a loved one’s unexpected passing, the damages you are owed can help you start to rebuild your life following their death. This process can be painful, but it can help you get back on your feet again.

How, though, can you begin to recover from a loved one’s death on both an emotional and economic front? When in doubt, know that you have a community of people prepared to help you, including the wrongful death attorneys in Fresno at Setareh Law. We can guide you through some basic steps that can direct your life back toward normalcy. These steps can include the following:

Seek Help While Going Over Post-Death Care

It’s all too easy for some parties to self-isolate when faced with the grief of a loved one’s wrongful death. Unfortunately, those tendencies tend to do more harm than good. Remember that you have a support system of people, both family and professionals, who are willing to help you navigate through post-death care.

This means that you can turn to other parties for help arranging a funeral, managing your loved one’s estate, and exploring your legal options. You can even reach out to a wrongful death lawyer for support in filing relevant insurance claims should you have the right to demand support from a provider. 

Discuss the Value of Going to Civil Court

While the wrongful death attorneys in Fresno can make the civil process as accessible as possible, there are parts of the process that may prove emotionally challenging. This is particularly true when you’re contending with the grief of a loved one’s passing.

You can meet with our attorneys ahead of time to discuss the value of going to civil court. The emotional cost of meeting with a liable party and outlining the nature of your loved one’s death may prove worth the economic support you have the opportunity to receive. 

Be aware, however, that California only allows certain parties to take legal action on behalf of the state’s deceased. You must prove that you have the immediate right to act on behalf of the deceased by indicating that you are the party’s spouse, domestic partner, child, or grandchild.

If none of these parties find themselves available to take legal action on behalf of the deceased, don’t worry. You may still have the right to act. California statutes allow parties that might otherwise inherit from the deceased to take legal action on the deceased’s behalf under the umbrella of intestate succession.

Setareh Law Wants to Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

Our team understands how devastating a loved one’s unexpected and wrongful death can be. We know that you may not want to meet with a party liable for your loved one’s passing or that you may not feel emotionally prepared to go to civil court. That’s why our team offers to represent your best interests while you prioritize your grief.

You can work with us to determine what services you want to benefit from as you pursue compensation for your loved one’s losses. We can then spearhead an investigation into your loved one’s accident and bring forward evidence elaborating on the liable parties violated duty of care. Our efforts can help you secure the competition you need to recover. Contact us online or call us at (310) 659-1826 to book a wrongful death case evaluation with our Fresno wrongful death lawyer.

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