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motorcycle accident on side of open roadMany individuals enjoy riding motorcycles, and most motorcyclists can ride their bikes in Pomona and surrounding areas without a problem. But, motorcycle accidents can, unfortunately, occur with devastating effects in some cases, meaning it’s important to partner with a motorcycle accident lawyer to get the compensation you may deserve.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident recently in Pomona due to the recklessness, carelessness, or other negligence of another person, it’s essential that you know your options for legal recourse against the party at fault. Our Pomona motorcycle accident lawyers here at Setareh Law can help you every step of the way during your case so that you can focus on healing.

Proving Fault in California for Motorcycle Accidents

If another driver’s intentional misconduct or driver’s error was the cause of your motorcycle accident, a Pomona motorcycle accident lawyer can help you prove fault for the accident and hold the responsible party accountable for any damages you sustained. California has a fault-based system, which means that each driver is required to have liability coverage on their auto insurance policy. If they’re responsible for an accident with another party, that injured party can file a claim against their auto insurance policy.

If your accident only results in minor vehicle damage and injuries, there’s a good chance you can receive full compensation through your auto insurance claim. However, if your losses go beyond what the insurance company can provide, it becomes essential for you to prove the fault of the other party. Some commonly reported motorcycle accident causes that can result in serious injuries and personal injury claims include:

If you were in a motorcycle accident that you believe was caused by another motorist’s actions, you have the right to file a claim and seek compensation for your losses. In California, recovering from a vehicle accident generally begins with an auto insurance claim against the driver at fault. After the insurance company provides as much coverage as it can, you can then go on to file a personal injury claim to recover your remaining losses.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

In traffic accidents, motorcyclists have a high risk of suffering catastrophic injuries. Because motorcyclists are very exposed in comparison to other drivers, they’re more likely to sustain severe injuries or even fatal injuries. Below are the most common motorcycle-related injuries:

1. Road Rash

Depending on what caused the accident, motorcycle riders can be thrown off their motorcycle, leading to them sliding across the road or pavement. Even if the rider is wearing thick protective clothes, they still have minimal protection when they’re sliding across the pavement. Once the road makes contact with their skin, it can cause burns or infection.

2. Head Trauma

Most riders wear protective helmets when they’re riding out on the roads. While wearing a helmet can help prevent fatal injuries, riders are still vulnerable to severe brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can lead to:

  • Cognitive disorders
  • Speech problems
  • Other permanent medical problems

Injuries like these can require extensive medical attention, likely resulting in hefty medical expenses.

3. Spinal Cord Injuries

For motorcyclists who survive an accident, a spinal cord injury is the most severe injury possible. If a rider gets into an accident, the rider isn’t just susceptible to severe head trauma, but they can also end up with a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, helmets don’t provide a lot of protection against spinal cord injuries, and the injury can lead to either paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Pomona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

It’s entirely up to you if you want to hire a lawyer for your bike accident and injuries. However, just know that the aftermath of an accident involving a bike can be stressful and overwhelming. A skilled and experienced attorney can help guide you through the daunting process. They’ll provide important industry context, negotiate offers in your interest, and take the burden of paperwork away. They’ll also provide you with the best chance of full compensation for your losses and injuries.

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Here at Setareh Law, we understand the frustration and stress involved in a motorcycle accident. These types of accidents are often especially damaging for the victims. You’ll want legal representation that you can trust to stand by your side during complex personal injury proceedings and insurance claims that you’ll likely face when trying to recover your losses.

A Pomona motorcycle accident lawyer at Setareh Law will collect all the evidence required to support your case and defend against the sneaky methods of insurance companies that attempt to blame you for your injuries or undervalue your claim. Contact our office today at (310) 659-1826 or fill out our contact form to speak with an experienced lawyer and request a free consultation.

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