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Any automobile accident can lead to devastating consequences. However, when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, they don’t have the same safeguards in place that someone in a car does, meaning their injuries are likely to be more severe. Not to mention, in just about every pedestrian accident case, the driver is responsible and liable for damages.

But, pedestrian accidents frequently lead to intense liability disputes and complicate the victim’s path to recovery. This is why it’s important to have a reliable Pomona pedestrian accident lawyer by your side, like those at Setareh Law. Our attorneys can help you figure out the best way to get the compensation you may deserve, and our Spanish-speaking lawyers are here to communicate with our clients more effectively as well. 

Why Do Pedestrian Accidents in Pomona Occur? 

Driver negligence is typically the cause of pedestrian accidents. In California, it is the driver’s legal responsibility to ensure they’re driving safely and protecting others from potential danger. When a driver is being reckless or careless, they can be held accountable for their actions and considered negligent. Sometimes, accidents like these occur when the drivers of motor vehicles are distracted, such as by texting or using their phones while driving. Some types of driver negligence include: 

  • Failing to stop at stop lights or stop signs
  • Disobeying stop signs
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding or driving above speed limits
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving under the influence

While pedestrian accidents frequently occur at crosswalks at traffic intersections, they can occur in other areas as well, such as parking lots. Keep in mind, there are other causes of pedestrian accidents that can lead to injuries and give rise to claims as well, including:

  • Being hit by a passing bicyclist or skateboarder
  • Being trampled by a big group of people
  • “Dooring” accidents
  • Being injured by an uncontrolled or unleashed dog
  • Physical altercations
  • Kids who are running around
  • Other pedestrians

While there are many different ways that pedestrians may be harmed, partnering with a pedestrian accident lawyer can help you hold the responsible party liable. 

Proving Negligence in a Pedestrian Accident Case 

In personal injury cases that are based on pedestrian accidents, it’s up to the injured pedestrian to prove the negligence of an at-fault driver. First, the victim of the accident must prove that the individual or motor vehicle driver did something wrong and that the accident and injuries sustained were the result.

If a victim of a pedestrian accident can prove the legal components of their claim, then they may be eligible for compensation to recover both economic and non-economic damages. Along with pursuing compensation for medical expenses, victims may be able to receive compensation for lost earnings or loss of earning capacity. Also, accident victims may be able to make a claim for emotional distress, pain, mental anguish, and suffering due to the pedestrian accident.

Why Hire a Reputable Pomona Pedestrian Accident Lawyer? 

When a pedestrian is hit by a driver, they have the right to file a claim for compensation for their damages and losses at the hands of the at-fault driver. Auto insurance claims are often made following vehicle accidents, but victims tend to only get small recovery, and the whole scope of their claimable damages isn’t included. A qualified Pomona pedestrian accident attorney will not only help with your insurance claim, but they’ll also help you build a personal injury claim as well.

You can technically file a civil suit without a lawyer for personal injury cases. Some individuals are hesitant to hire legal assistance because of the assumed high cost of representation along with their existing economic damages. But, with the help of a personal injury lawyer, the chances of winning a personal injury case and maximizing your recovery are far better than trying to do it all on your own. This is even after you account for the legal fees.

Reach Out to Our Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Today at Setareh Law 

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident in Pomona or have a loved one who has, you should be compensated for the damages and losses. To ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible, you should seek the representation of one of our knowledgeable and skilled pedestrian accident attorneys at Setareh Law. We’ve helped our clients secure their well-deserved settlements so they were able to move forward in their recovery.

We don’t recommend that you try and pursue this type of complex case on your own. Working with a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer, like those at our firm, can help you get the compensation you may be owed so you can focus on healing. Call Setareh Law today at (310) 659-1826 or fill out our contact form to start the process and see if we’re able to get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your Pomona pedestrian accident.

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