There are few things that rival the excitement and feeling of freedom one gets when you finally get your license. Any new driver may be anxious to hop into the nearest car and set out on the open roads. While this may be a very exciting time, your first car must be safe and reliable.

The Beverly Hills personal injury lawyers at Setareh Law know all too well the devastation that can come from a new driver not driving in the safest vehicle possible. While most vehicles are made with safety features in place, keep reading for the safest new and used cars available to new drivers on today’s market. 

Safety Is the Most Important Feature for Any Car

Many inexperienced drivers may overlook their first car’s safety features, since they might be more interested in the car’s sound system, acceleration, handling, and overall appearance. However, it’s a mistake not to prioritize safety features. A four-year study found that 43 percent of first-year drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents. With the odds that nearly half of all new drivers will face a crash before the end of their first year driving, the safety of the vehicle chosen is imperative to ensure that the driver can walk away from that accident unscathed.

What Makes a Car Safe?

A safe car is more than just having responsive airbags. In fact, countless features and designs in today’s car market allow a new driver to drive comfortably and safely. The following features are used to determine how safe a vehicle is:

  • Weight: A heavier care is safer as it is less likely to roll in an accident. 
  • Anti Lock Brakes: This feature prevents the wheels from locking when the driver hits the breaks. This helps to prevent a vehicle from spinning out. 
  • Blindspot Detectors: While you should always check your blindspot, many cars are built with detectors that will light up or beep when a car is in your blind spot.
  • Traction Control: This feature helps to prevent loss of traction on the road. 
  • Adaptive Headlights: These headlights help illuminate the roads further while also reducing any glare from other drivers.
  • Electronic Stability Control: This feature helps to prevent sliding or skidding. 
  • Airbags: Any safe car must be equipped with proper and functional airbags to protect the driver and passengers in the case of impact. 

Each of these features is necessary to make a car safer for any new driver. Some cars may have one or a few of these features, but the safest cars have most, if not all, of them. 

The Safest Cars for New Drivers

When car shopping for a new driver, you should be thinking of safety and practicality over luxury and speed. A new driver is not likely to get a brand new car, but plenty of safe vehicles can be purchased as used or new that will have all the safety features they need. 

  • Sedans: Proving to be less likely to roll during a collision, a sedan is a safe and practical car for new drivers.
  • Minivans: Now this is probably not the cool new ride your teen driver has in mind, but it is safe. These vehicles are built with safety in mind and often have advanced safety and driver assistance features.
  • Hatchbacks: Known for their superior visibility, your new driver will be able to drive safely and comfortably in this top safety pick vehicle.
  • SUV: In the event of a crash, an SUV is the best vehicle equipped to take on the impact. In a head-on collision, a driver in an SUV has a ten times greater chance of survival. 

When car shopping, be sure to assess the safety features of whatever car you are considering first and foremost. 

Beverly Hills Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help

Nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones. Sending a new driver out onto the road can be scary, even when driving the safest car on the market. With over 13 years of experience in the Beverly Hills area, Setareh Law knows how important it is to have an injury attorney who will handle your case with care. In the event of an accident, Setareh Law is here to help. For a free case evaluation, contact us here or call (310) 659-1826.