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Every year in Salinas, many victims suffer injuries or lose their lives as a result of pedestrian accidents. While Salinas has a strong pedestrian infrastructure, including easy access to public transportation as well as sidewalks and clearly marked crossings, it also has a number of challenges that can increase the risk of pedestrian accidents, including periods of heavy traffic and areas in which drivers may travel too quickly. 

If you suffer injuries in a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of a driver, you may have the right to compensation for the damages you sustained. At Setareh Law, we aim to help the victims of pedestrian accidents recover fair compensation for their injuries. 

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Salinas

Pedestrians have the right to assume that they can safely travel throughout Salinas. However, when drivers fail to exercise adequate precautions around pedestrians, it can result in serious injuries. 

Common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Speeding: A speeding driver may have a hard time reacting if a pedestrian steps into an intersection or the road. Furthermore, speeding drivers may not have adequate time to look for pedestrians as they head down the road. 
  • Ignoring traffic signals: When drivers fail to follow traffic signals, they can end up moving through an intersection as a pedestrian tries to cross, increasing the risk of a collision. 
  • Distraction: Distracted drivers cannot pay adequate attention to anything around them, which means they may fail to notice the presence of a pedestrian in time to come to a full stop. 
  • Poorly-marked intersections: In intersections without clear markings and signals, drivers and pedestrians may struggle to figure out who has the right of way. As a result, they can end up involved in devastating accidents. 
  • Poor lighting: Pedestrian accidents occur more often around sunrise and sunset and during dark hours than they do in the middle of the day, often because drivers struggle to see them. 

Any time a driver’s negligence leads to an accident, the pedestrian may have the right to pursue compensation for any damages associated with the accident. Pedestrians may also have the right to pursue compensation from the city if the city creates an intersection with poor visibility and signs.

Compensation for Pedestrian Accident Claims 

At Setareh Law, we can help you take a close look at all the damages you sustained due to the accident. Most pedestrian accident claims will include compensation for these damages. 

  • Your medical costs: As a pedestrian, you have little protection from the vehicle that strikes you or from any obstacles in and around the road. Often, that means that pedestrians suffer severe injuries, which lead to high medical costs. 
  • Your lost income: If you cannot work due to your pedestrian accident injuries, you may find your income suffering. As part of your claim, you can include compensation for those income losses. 
  • Your pain and suffering: In addition to claiming compensation for the tangible losses you suffered because of the accident, you have the right to include the non-tangible suffering that occurred as part of your injuries.

By working with a Salinas pedestrian accident lawyer, you can go over the damages you sustained due to the accident and get a better idea of the compensation you deserve. Then, your attorney can help you include those damages as part of a comprehensive pedestrian accident claim.

Hiring a Lawyer For Your Salinas Pedestrian Accident Claim

When you suffer injuries in a pedestrian accident, not only do you have the challenges of a physical recovery to deal with, you may have to file an injury claim to pursue compensation for those damages. With a lawyer on your side, you can feel much more confident about the outcome of your claim. A lawyer brings numerous advantages to the table, such as being able to help you:

Uncover the Details of Your Accident

After a pedestrian accident, you will need a thorough investigation to establish who caused the accident. A pedestrian accident lawyer can take care of that essential investigation, uncovering evidence that will make it much easier to clearly establish the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Your Salinas pedestrian accident attorney can also record witness statements, evaluate the damage to the other driver’s vehicle, and revisit the scene of the accident to put together all needed evidence about who caused your accident. 

Explore the Compensation You Deserve

After a Salinas pedestrian accident, you may deserve substantial compensation for your injuries. However, without a lawyer on your side, you may find it difficult to fully evaluate all the compensation you deserve, especially if you do not know what elements to include. A pedestrian accident attorney can help you take a look at the policy that covers the liable driver and the damages you sustained to come up with the compensation you should expect. 

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Despite the fact that insurance companies exist to provide financial protection after an accident, they are for-profit entities that generally aim to keep their costs as low as possible. The insurance company may attempt to deny your claim or pressure you to accept a settlement offer that does not cover your needs. A Salinas pedestrian accident attorney can fight for fair compensation for your losses. 

Represent You in Court

Most pedestrian accident claims settle out of court. However, if you have to take your case to the courtroom, your lawyer can present clear evidence on your behalf and fight for a fair resolution. 

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Suffering from a pedestrian accident can be an overwhelming experience, and you may not know what steps to take next. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through it alone.

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